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The District’s pot foes are taking their quixotic campaign against the marijuana legalization initiative to bus ads.

All four ads from Two is Enough D.C., some of which the campaign says have already started running, are embedded below. LL’s favorite is the Washington monument above, which posits a giant joint blazing over the District if Initiative 71 passes.

The anti-marijuana campaign, which has raised $3,838 as of Friday, will spend nearly all its treasury on that ad campaign. The group’s Office of Campaign Finance report shows a $3,377.03 ad expenditure. Two is Enough says it’ll focus the ads on bus routes in Southeast, “where legalization will have the greatest impact.”

Unluckily for Two is Enough, there’s one thing holding back their bus ads: misspelling “edibiles” in the above ad. LL’s waiting to hear back from the campaign on whether the bus ad will include the misspelling, although campaign backer Patrick Royal reacted with “yikes” when LL pointed it out last night.

Even if the campaign can overcome its hasty copyediting, though, it’ll find itself vastly outspent ahead of Election Day. Pro-initiative committees connected for the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, NORML, and the Drug Policy Alliance reported spending a combined $75,404.60 on the vote.

[documentcloud url=”https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1347812-tiedc-ads-bus-pdf-1.html”]
Photo courtesy No on 71