Here’s a holiday gift for the District’s donor class: roughly 86 cents back for every $1 they gave to FreshPAC, the Muriel Bowser-affiliated political action committee. FreshPAC’s new campaign finance report shows that its operators gave back most of the PAC’s treasury last month, when they decided to shut it down last month for being a “distraction.”

After raising more than $340,000, thanks in part to campaign finance law that let the FreshPAC raise unlimited contributions in non-election years, PAC officials handed back more than $280,000 last month. (The rest of the money was either spent or, in the case of about $8,000, remains in the PAC’s bank account.)

FreshPAC’s fundraising dropped off significantly after the PAC received media scrutiny, raising only $2,750 from two donors in October and nothing from donors in November.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery