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If the Weekly World News just doesn’t seem authoritative enough, “Mysteries of the Sky” will bring you up to speed on abduction theory and other hot otherworldly topics. Researcher Don Berliner discusses the controversial Roswell, N.M. crash nearly 50 years ago, which the Air Force claims was a downed weather balloon. (Other sources assert that the ground was littered for miles around with alien corpses—there’s not much middle ground here.) Other speakers touch on “Psychological Theories of Abductions,” the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and recent UFO evidence: The seminar’s question-and-answer session will no doubt be a lively one. From 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at Prince George’s Community College, Marlboro Hall, Room 1097, 301 Largo Rd., Largo. $25. For reservations call (301) 322-0797.(Andrew Webster)