I have three words for you: Roast. Pork. Sandwiches. Not content to coast on the strength of his Italian hoagies and chicken-cutlet subs, Taylor Gourmet co-founder Casey Patten recently added a small line of sandwiches that draws on his Philadelphia hometown’s taste for roast pork, broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone. Patten has developed his own take on the classic Philly combo, roasting his Niman Ranch shoulder cuts for hours and juicing them with his own aromatic, highly reduced pork stock. Patten’s stock, in fact, is practically porcine demi-glace, intensifying the flavors enough to penetrate even those big, crusty, sesame-seed-studded rolls that Taylor trucks in daily from Sarcone’s. The care that Patten has shown with his roast-pork sandwiches gives me hope that as Taylor continues to expand as a chain, the owners will continue to treat it like the small South Philly delis that inspired them.

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