Greenleaf Gardens
Greenleaf Gardens Credit: Darrow Montgomery

On this week’s episode of Washington City Podcast, housing reporter Morgan Baskin talks about the relationship between housing and health. She looks at childhood asthma, which can be exacerbated by poor housing conditions.

Host Will Warren also looks at the week’s news, including a true crime thriller and the art of the entree. He also recommends City Paper‘s “Day Tripper” issue, which is full of recommendations on ways to get out of town this weekend.

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Stories in this episode:

Did The Princeton Place Killer Take Credit for a Murder He Didn’t Commit?

Adrift in a Sea of Small Plates? These D.C. Restaurants Embrace The Art of the Entree.

The Best D.C. Day Trips

Doctors Blame D.C.’s High Asthma Rates in Part on Poor Housing

What Life Is Like—Still—In D.C.’s Public Housing

Nearly One-Third of the City’s Public Housing Stock Is at Risk of Becoming Uninhabitable

DCHA Says Thousands of Units Are Nearly Uninhabitable. Tenants Want to Know: What’s Next?

Music for this episode was by Lee Rosevere and Jahzzar used under the Creative Commons license.