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The Hard Smell

When Mayor Anthony A. Williams leaves office, many will surely focus on the litany of big development projects completed during his tenure: a new convention center, the resurgence of Chinatown, the influx of big-box chains, and serious face-lifts to various city facilities. But come January, one long-promised project will be left unfinished and stinking up […]

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Snakes on a Plane: The Album

Various Artists Decaydance/New Line Just five seconds into this movie soundtrack comes a sample of star Samuel L. Jackson’s Internet-spawned rant “I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!” But perhaps a more apt quote comes courtesy Cobra Starship, a less-than-super group of MySpace stalwarts led by Gabe Saporta of punky […]

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Pocket Protector

When Metro transit cop Cedric Mitchell volunteered for a special pickpocket detail near the start of his career, in 1988, he figured it would just be a good opportunity to get out of his uniform for a while. Growing up in Clinton, Md., Mitchell had exposure to pickpockets only through Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist in […]

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In “Brotherly Love” (8/11), Ryan Grim erroneously reported that Taylor Chesnik launched his Web site,, in 2005. It was launched in 2006. Also, Sinclair Skinner was handing out Issue No. 1 of the Georgia Avenue Defender at a 2005 press conference, which included a cartoon of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, not the Gramzilla […]

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Coin Co-operative

Fourteenth Street NW may play host to six art galleries (“Strip Stakes,” 8/4), but opening up an art space in a real-estate market that’s more juiced than Floyd Landis is financially daunting. That’s why, for her first attempt at managing her own space, Katie Hinson decided to take the show on the road—and keep it […]

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Cuppa G.I. Joe

College Perk may be the first hippie coffeehouse owned by an ex-military man. Chris Gordon is a former U.S. Army Ranger who, by his own admission, sometimes had to perform the “small, unnecessary portion” of his special ops job. He doesn’t like to spell it out, but Jon Davis, manager of Gordon’s grungy mud hut […]

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Savage Love

I was dating an amazing guy—smart, funny, caring, and interesting. I just wasn’t that attracted to him. I enjoyed hooking up with him, but it was never one of those “Oh man, I just have to have you” things. Enter my good friend, whom I’d been harboring a crush on for quite some time. I […]

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15 Minutes

to sept. 9 Project 4 would have done well to point the limelight at a single painter for “15 Minutes,” the gallery’s first revue of recent mid-Atlantic MFA graduates. Hell, give Ivanny Pagan a whole half-hour—his contributions, drawn from a promising series of portraits of monsters, distinguish him as the best in this class. Pagan’s […]

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Auteur Redemption

There are no bad dads in Oliver Stone’s new movie. No prophetic shamans, no wild-eyed berserkers, no sultry temptresses, and no icy conspirators. This is a tale of solid family men and devoted wives, the sort of people the director had previously not merely ignored but also seemed to doubt existed. Once a specialist in […]

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Night Ripper

Girl Talk Illegal Art There’s nothing particularly new about the new album by Girl Talk, aka Pittsburgh producer Greg Gillis, which stitches hundreds of songs—classic and indie rock, hip-hop, dancehall, R&B, and pretty much any genre of pop music from the last 40 years—into a party mix to end all party mixes. It is, in […]