Word Nerd Trivia Night (February)

Planet Word's monthly trivia night in collaboration with District Trivia will have an emphasis on song lyrics.


Divercities: Code Switching Between Worlds

An interactive conversation exploring code-switching in a variety of socio-cultural contexts and the ways in which people use language to navigate multiple worlds.


DIVERCITIES: Lost and Found in Translation

An interactive conversation with various translators discussing the intricacies of translating and connecting people through language barriers.



Planet Word 925 13th St. NW, Washington, DC

Yes, it's a live pun competition! Planet Word and DC Improv are putting the city's best pun performers on stage to battle it out. Audience members are also able to participate.


Speaking Willow: Language, Art, and Technology

Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer sits down with the Language Preservation Initiative to discuss his piece for Planet Word, "Speaking Willow." The 20-foot tall tree structure lights up and plays sayings, poems, and songs from nearly 400 languages when people walk under it.


Divercities: Singing in Sign Languages From Around the Globe

Signers from Brazil, Berlin, and Washington D.C. demonstrate how to sign songs in different languages and share how they translate meaning, rhythm, and melody of music into movement and signed expression. A virtual event.