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Mitch joined City Paper in 2018 from a job reporting in the other Washington. As Loose Lips, he’s written about squabblesfuck-upsabsurdities, and blunders that sustain D.C. politics. He’s also reported on the policesocial services, and development. He’s originally from St. Louis, where the pizza and bar-b-que is much better.

Mitch’s latest stories

Fire (Behind the) Wall

A man in the D.C. Jail started a fire after his pleas for help were ignored, multiple jail residents say.

A man held in the D.C. Jail started a fire after corrections officers ignored his cries for help, according to multiple jail residents who were locked on the same unit. The man repeatedly told officers that he was going to kill himself and asked to see a supervisor and a psychiatrist. But officers ignored his…