The Story Behind an Illegal Dumping Attempt to Keep Out Unhoused Residents Outside Ward 2 Safeway

Some Ward 2 residents expressed dismay over what they saw as an oppressive play to keep unhoused people from moving back after the scheduled “engagement.”

Last Tuesday wooden planters appeared in front of the Safeway at Corcoran and 17th streets NW, just after a temporary homeless encampment eviction had taken place. Some Ward 2 residents expressed dismay over what they saw as an oppressive play to keep unhoused people from moving back after the scheduled “engagement.” An “engagement” is when […]

Advocates Call for Increased Homelessness Prevention Funding at Vigil

Housing advocates call councilmembers and residents to action ahead of Tuesday’s Council budget vote

Yesterday, residents, officials, and homelessness advocates attended a memorial for 43 local people who have died in 2021 without housing. The vigil at Foundry United Methodist Church came before the D.C. Council budget vote this Tuesday, when lawmakers will make decisions about how much to invest in rent assistance, homelessness protections, and support for groups […]

Landlords Receive Federal Funds for Rental Assistance, Even When Tenants Live In Poor Conditions

Tenants at three D.C. properties have spent the past year fighting for rent relief and better housing conditions. While they’ve had some success, their fight isn’t over.

Hemos publicado nuestra historia principal para julio en inglés y español. Para leerla en español, haz clic aquí. The translation was provided by Multicultural Community Service. On a muggy day in June, the bathroom ceiling inside Eduardo Reyes’ unit is covered in cardboard he put there himself. Reyes, who has lived at Meridian Heights Apartments […]

Los propietarios pueden recibir fondos federales para ayudas al alquiler, aunque los inquilinos vivan en instalaciones no habitables

Inquilinos de tres inmuebles en D.C. han luchado todo el año pasado por la reducción de alquileres y mejores condiciones de vivienda. Aunque han logrado algunos éxitos, sus luchas aún no terminan.

We have published our July cover story in both English and Spanish. To read this story in English, click here. La traducción al español fue proporcionada por MCS. En un día húmedo de junio, el techo del baño de la unidad de Eduardo Reyes está cubierto con cartones que él mismo puso allí. Reyes, que […]

D.C. Council Unanimously Passes a Phased Ending to Tenant Protections

The D.C. Council unanimously voted to phase out tenant protections including bans on evictions, utility shut offs, and rent freezes.

As the public health emergency over the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, the D.C. Council unanimously voted to phase out tenant protections including bans on evictions, utility shut offs, and rent freezes.  D.C. lawmakers had been fiercely debating how to end tenant protections, and ultimately landed on a phased approach. One of the strongest […]

D.C. Council Weighs Revising D.C.’s Eviction Ban

D.C. Council to vote on a phased approach to the end of the eviction ban on Tuesday.

With the understanding that Mayor Muriel Bowser won’t extend the public health emergency to which dozens of protections are tethered, the Council will consider revising the eviction ban. Under emergency legislation that the Council is considering on Tuesday, landlords could file for eviction in D.C. Superior Court over unpaid rent as early as mid-October so […]

What’s In Mayor Bowser’s Budget for Homeless Services?

Advocates say the mayor’s budget does not do enough to meet the housing needs of residents, so encourages the Council to tax the rich.

The D.C. government is in the midst of budget season, in case readers forgot. Wednesday kicks off budget markups, which means Council committees will begin to vote on changes to the mayor’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2022, which takes effect Oct. 1.  Given that the pandemic left many more people un- and underemployed, and […]

Non-English Speakers May Struggle to Navigate the Stay DC Application Process

The new program is designed to help residents pay rent or utilities.

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration launched a new rental assistance program this week, and a website to go along with it, for residents struggling to afford housing. The Bowser administration is receiving $352 million in federal dollars to support the new program called “Stay DC,” $130 million of which needs to be spent by September. But […]

D.C. Council Votes to Allow Landlords to Evict Tenants who Pose a “Threat” During the Public Health Emergency

But the Council did not vote to let landlords increase rent on vacant units.

The Council voted to allow landlords to evict tenants who pose a “threat to the health and safety” during the public health emergency, but lawmakers wouldn’t permit landlords to increase rent on vacant units.   The bill, introduced by At-Large Councilmember Anita Bonds, makes an exception to D.C.’s year-long eviction moratorium. If signed into law, the […]

What Will Come of D.C.’s Rent Freeze?

Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto circulated legislation to limit the ban on rent increases, after the mayor’s group on the rent crisis couldn’t reach agreement on this issue.

One of the many protections afforded during the public health emergency has been a freeze on rents across the District. The prohibition on rent increases during the emergency and 30 days thereafter applies to both rent-controlled and market-rate units.  Just as some are interested in ending the Council’s blunt eviction moratorium, some are interested in […]


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