What the hell is City Paper?

Washington City Paper is your community newspaper. Since our founding 40 years ago, we’ve been many things: an opinionated guide to a growing city, a source for information and informed analysis of the arts and current events, and a thorn in the side of bullies and blowhards. The one thing we’re not is boring.

We tell award winning stories, break news, and poke fun.

In a sentence: We know that D.C. is more than a handful of monuments and federal buildings, and we tell stories that reflect what’s actually going on in our hometown.

That sounds pretty good, how do I read City Paper?

City Paper is free for anyone and everyone. We publish online literally all the time. The best way to keep up with what we’re doing (and what’s going on in your city) is to sign up for one of our newsletters.

District Line Daily comes out every weekday around noon. In it we dive deep into the day’s biggest news story and share links to everything you need to know. It’s the one-stop shop for the informed Washingtonian.

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City Lights recommends things to do in and around D.C. twice a week. Never be bored in D.C. again.

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All this is free? How is that possible?

Good point. We’d be better off if we had a paywall, but we believe everyone in D.C. deserves access to trustworthy local news.

If you agree, you can help keep City Paper free by becoming a member. Our readers have stepped up to support local news in D.C., and they make everything we do possible.