Venice: 1000 Years of History

Art historian Elaine Ruffolo on the history of Venice, its role as an arts capital, and the art and architecture created within the city.

$20 – $25

The Maya: Ancient Splendors, Modern Legacies

Scholar George Scheper discusses interdisciplinary studies of the Maya, touching on political and social history as well as art, religion, and ecology.

$80 – $90

Divercities: Singing in Sign Languages From Around the Globe

Signers from Brazil, Berlin, and Washington D.C. demonstrate how to sign songs in different languages and share how they translate meaning, rhythm, and melody of music into movement and signed expression. A virtual event.


A Geologic Tour of Copper Canyon, Mexico

Volcanologist Kirt Kempter discusses Copper Canyon and the Sierra Madre Occidental origin story (hint: Volcanoes are involved).

$25 – $30

Art + History: Evening Encores

Paul Glenshaw reprises four popular lectures from his daytime series, Art + History, with new insight.

$20 – $25

In Search of the Hummingbird

Nature writer Jon Dunn discusses his book The Glitter in the Green, which documents his travels from Alaska to South America following hummingbirds.

$25 – $30