Aside from his work curating anthologies and translating Pablo Neruda, Tomás Morin has become a noted poet in his own right, with work published in Poetry, Blackbird and Borderlands. Morin’s energetic and funny debut collection, titled A Larger Country, netted him the American Poetry Review prize in 2012. His more recent book, Patient Zero, is a darker collection that examines love as a virologist might study an infectious disease. Morin’s poems oscillate masterfully between the deeply personal (“For My Daughter”) and the baldly political (“Goosestep.”) His work is a pleasure to read, but also lush and dense, thick with literary references and featuring drop-ins from the likes of Shakespeare, Cleopatra, Odysseus, and Socrates. His new book, titled Machete, is a collection of poems for hacking through life on a merciless planet. Morin has also written a memoir called Let Me Count The Ways coming in 2022. He will discuss Machete and poetry in this online event hosted by Solid State Books. Oct. 20 virtually via Solid State Books. Free.