For many, the coronavirus pandemic split life into two distinct spheres. One was a virtual world, containing many of the activities that used to happen in person, at least in part: entertainment, dating, friendships, and work, for those fortunate enough to have the option of remote work. The other sphere was the reality outside our doors, where masks covered half our faces and we walked around each other on the sidewalk, where neighbors, not coworkers, became the people we saw each day. Now, these spheres have pulled at us for 18 months—but art can still be part of what helps us reconcile the two. The CulturalDC Mobile Arts Program seeks to help audiences see artistic works with fresh eyes by taking them outside traditional venues such as galleries and theaters. This fall, contemporary dance company S.J. Ewing & Dancers will present “Inside/Out” at the former Peet’s Coffee on 14th Street NW. Being both viewed and experienced by audience members visiting the vacant space, the performance can help bridge that gap between what we’ve seen in the past months and what we’ve experienced in our own bodies. October at the former Peet’s Coffee at 1829 14th St. NW. Check for updates at Free.