Spring is almost here and rapper Rock Creek Lee is ready to heat up the city with a listening party and vinyl signing for his 2020 album Songs in a Sallow Man’s Key, on Feb. 22. Lee will also play songs from his upcoming project, Divine Line Disciple 2. The listening party is shaping up to be more like an underground hip-hop festival, featuring elite DJs RBI and Scratch Master K. Musical savant Wes Felton provides album commentary, and the Almighty RNL will host a special edition of the Power Moves open-mic cypher. In addition to being a gifted lyricist, Lee, aka Cory Stowers, is an award-winning visual and graffiti artist. He is the co-founder of the Double Down Kings, an influential graf crew responsible for some of the most iconic public art around town, including the seminal “Black Broadway” mural on U Street and the massive go-go themed “Many Voices” mural in Anacostia. Lee is also the curator of the 14th Street Graffiti Museum and the founder of the Art Bloc DC collective. Songs in a Sallow Man’s Key is a 12-track banger loaded with dynamic lyricism and canny references to D.C. street culture. The whiplash-inducing production is courtesy of Lee’s longtime collaborators the Unown, Speaks Beats, and Bu Bu The Producer. The album also features guest verses from hip-hop superpowers Head-Roc, Gordo Brega, Uptown XO, Flex Mathews, and singer-songwriter Courtney Dowe. Feb. 22 at Townhouse Uptown, 903 U St. NW.

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