Although Rauw Alejandro sang and danced in talent shows as a kid, his goal was to become a professional soccer player. But after an injury at age 20, the Puerto Rican Alejandro, who has lived in New York and Miami, turned to music full time. His second album, Vice Versa, is rooted in the suave choruses and insistent dance rhythms of pop reggaeton, to which he adds a few different elements. On the catchy single “Todo de Ti,” Alejandro croons in falsetto over atmospheric sounds and disco-tinged thumping. For “2/Catorce,” the heartthrob employs the same stop-and-start, stripped-down beats that other artists like reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny use (but Alejandro’s tuneful vocals are more ethereal). “Brazilera” adds some baile funk beats and guest vocals from Brazilian star Anitta. Live and in videos, Alejandro further expands his approach and returns to his childhood roots with flashy Michael Jackson and Usher-inspired spins and steps. Sept. 17 at EagleBank Arena. $69–$214.