Otoboke Beaver
Otoboke Beaver; Credit: Mayumi Hirata

Japanese punk band Otoboke Beaver exploded out of Kyoto, and their newest album Super Champon is here to rage against social norms and inspire mosh-till-you-drop frenzy fever. They play fast and aggressive, using sarcasm, humor, rage, and tempo changes to create intensely turbulent rhythms and hilarious, bitter songs. The girl group has a lot to be angry about, and many songs are in response to modern society’s continued oppression of women. For example, “I Won’t Dish Out Salads” challenges a societal convention where women in Japan are frequently expected to serve the salad at professional dining events—often seen as a gesture of subordination. In “Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting for My Reaction,” the lyrics scream: “I will fucking kill you, old man!” When the group isn’t adhering to this frank, fiery, confrontational form of feminism, they’re inspired by traditional Japanese comedy Manzai, a style similar to stand-up or double act comedy. The comedic timing and call-response double talk of Manzai colors their songs, along with a wry humor such as in their song “I Am Not Maternal,” whose music video resembles a ’90s children’s anime. So pregame while watching Sailor Moon and crowd-surf in your Doc Martens to the wonderfully tempestuous feminism that is Otoboke Beaver. Local art-punk band BRNDA open. Otoboke Beaver play at 8 p.m. on Oct. 6 at Union Stage. unionstage.com. $18.

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