For too long, the words Orlando Furioso have been associated with epic poetry and classical music—Antonio Vivaldi wrote the three-act opera in the early 1700s. But Orlando Furioso is also the name of a local hardcore punk band. While the aesthetic of the three couldn’t be more different, they share a similar commitment to beauty. The band sings about equality: Their recent single “Pride” has the lyrics, “So love who you are and fuck what they say/ Your life is your own so live for today.” In classic hardcore fashion, these lyrics are screamed over fast, guitar-heavy licks with a trashy vibe that has gone slightly out of fashion in recent years. In terms of merch and album art, Orlando Furioso are a throwback to 1980s hardcore. The cover of their 2021 EP, simply titled 1, is a cartoon featuring punks on horseback laying siege to D.C., scaring MAGA hat losers out of our community. That is to say, it’s a specific vibe, and, for the right cohort, the band’s record release show will have an infectious kind of righteous fury—the best kind. Orlando Furioso will lead a slate of six bands, including New Jersey’s Silence Equals Death, so expect set lists that never wear out their welcome. After too many months of pogo dancing alone at home, it will be a nice change of pace to crash into people as energized and frustrated as you are. April 2 at Pie Shop, 1339 H St. NE. $13.

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