Courtesy of Union Stage.

NoMBe makes bops. Whether you’re looking to start a living room dance party or just working to his second album, CHROMATOPIA, released in May 2021, shimmying is bound to happen. Depending where you look or who you ask, NoMBe’s music is classified as pop, soul, alternative, electronic, R&B, and dream pop—ultimately, the mashup of sounds makes for dreamy and fun yet complex, feel-good songs. The 30-year-old artist, born in Germany and currently splitting his time between L.A. and Hawaii, exemplifies the evolution of pop music. Sure, his songs are easy to listen to, but they’re also layered with various instrumentals and crooning vocals. The vibe is eternal, sultry summer. A rising star—profiled by after the release of his first full-length album in 2018—NoMBe first went viral in 2015 with his single “California Girls.” The evolution of his inviting and catchy music is almost tangible in its growth. In press statements, NoMBe (Chaka Khan’s godson!) says that his goal was to make CHROMATOPIA feel bright and to explore the spectrum of color and love: “The core concept is that ‘love is a spectrum,” he writes. “It means that relationship status, sexual orientation, or gender fall onto a spectrum that is open to interpretation and ever-changing. YOU get to decide how you want your relationship to be. The color spectrum plays a huge role in showcasing that visually.” The freedom that comes with defining yourself is part of what makes NoMBe’s music feel so good—there are no hard lines or boxes to check off, it just is what it is. Nov. 18 at Union Stage. $17–$30.