Milton Nascimento
Milton Nascimento; courtesy of Nascimento and Marco Shermes

Now 79, Brazilian singer and instrumentalist Milton Nascimento has been wowing folks with his gorgeous vocals since he was 13. After 43 albums and countless gigs, Nascimento is calling it quits with his One Final Music Session tour. Considered influential these days by the likes of Paul Simon, Animal Collective, and Earth, Wind & Fire, Nascimento first excited fans with 1972’s Clube Da Esquina, the album he recorded in a collaboration with Lo Borges, and other friends. Titled Corner Club in English, the album is a reference to the group of friends hanging out together. Nascimento’s vocals on that album’s song “Tudo O Que Voce Podia Ser” capture some of his brilliance—he sings about an acquaintance’s regrets on not taking to the road and leaving his town, which shines even for those unfamiliar with Portuguese. Nascimento begins in a casual, slightly raw, but soulful tone that transforms effortlessly to a yearning falsetto overtop striking Brazilian rhythms. On that song and through the highlights of his career, Nascimento drew from bossa nova, the Beatles, and jazz to deliver melodies that are memorable without turning syrupy. Importantly, Nascimento also worked with jazz saxophone icon Wayne Shorter. On their joint album, Native Dancer, which also featured keyboardist Herbie Hancock, Nascimento stretches out his falsetto in a stunning, birdlike manner on wordless “La Las.” While his farewell tour won’t have the orchestra he distinctively used in a livestreamed 2021 Brazilian concert, it will include his band, stage scenery, and be what Nascimento calls both “a party full of life” and the completion of “this journey.” Milton Nascimento plays at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 4 at the Birchmere in Alexandria. Sold out, but pricey resale tickets are available. 

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