Lido Pimienta
Credit: Ada Navarro

Colombia-born, Toronto-based Lido Pimienta is a sound unto herself. Her music is described in her bio as “electronic meets cumbia,” “defiant and delicate, exploratory and confrontational.” It dances over the line between playful and poetic, but never lingers long enough to be defined as one or the other, but both. Her 2016 debut, La Papessa, may have won her the Polaris Music Prize, but the 2020 follow up, Miss Colombia, sees the artist continuing to explore her Afro Latinx roots alongside her queer feminist identity. Released by Anti-Records, Miss Colombia celebrates her mash-up of styles, genres, and influences. Once you’ve listened to the 11-track album, it comes as no surprise that she’s called M.I.A. and Cardi B two of her influences, but Sexteto Tabala’s influence can be heard too—the Colombian band is even featured on her song “Quiero Que Me Slaves.” Pimienta has absorbed so many influences that it’s not easy or necessary to label her. Instead, Lido Pimienta cracks a new portal for us to step into. Her music will put a spell on you. April 5 at Songbyrd, 540 Penn St. NE. $25.

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