Credit: Nancy Anderson

Knovo are a little bit of everything. Even their members don’t always agree on the right descriptor—they’re sometimes called rock, jazz, pop, soul, funk, indie. Sometimes they make you want to dance. Other times, they leave you deep in thought. For local husband-wife duo TJ Turqman and Gena Photiadis, Knovo (inspired by the Latin word for “new”) are the result of wanting to create an original band that was all their own. They brought on vocalist Tula Pisano, drummer Matt Tredwell, and guitarist Nikhel Sus; together they demonstrate a passion for creating music that delivers a “roller coaster” of an experience, says Sus. Turqman, the primary songwriter, says he often creates a “skeleton” of a song on his phone. In the weeks, months, and sometimes years that follow, other members add on until they’ve settled on a finished track they all love. (Pisano is credited with lyrical development.) Given varied musical backgrounds, Knovo strive for an emphasis on technical complexity as well as thoughtful melodies, rhythms, and vocals. With this process in mind, Knovo are looking forward to wrapping their single, “That’s What’s Up,” in 2022, as well as a five-song EP. They’re also ready to get back into the groove of live music. One of their first stops is the Pocket, and they’re looking for an open-minded audience. No matter what genre you like, as long as you like good music, Knovo promise a treat. Feb. 24 at the Pocket, 1508 N. Capitol St. NW. $12-$15.

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