It still doesn’t seem real. How could a political rally at the Ellipse degenerate into a raiding party that nearly pierced the heart of our democracy? How could a sitting president provoke an outright attack on the legislative branch and escape responsibility? How did the United States escape the fate of other failed states whose rotten foundations were exploited by mobs and despots? And how has it already been nearly a year since the day of the Capitol attack? As shock fades into numb resignation, our country must begin picking up the pieces and taking stock of who we really are in the wake of Jan. 6, 2021. Insurrection: 1 Year Later, an exhibition  by artist Bruce Allen, will revisit the events of the attack via text and photographs at the newly opened Bad Candy gallery in D.C.’s Brookland neighborhood. Opens Jan. 8, 2022, at Bad Candy. $10.