Who is Prince George’s County rapper IDK? Jason Mills gave himself that name at the age of 17 while serving a year in prison; he says IDK stands for “Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge.” “It’s basically part of the key principles of what makes me who I am,” he told NPR in August. “Ignorance and knowledge contrast, two things that don’t go together, something you want and something you need, and putting all of that together in one person … that’s basically what it stems from.” On his latest album, Usee4Yourself, he’s the man chanting, “These hoes gettin’ greedier, gettin’ needier” over fast trap beats on “Red.” But he’s also the melancholy wordsmith on the artsier cut “Hey Auntie,” wondering, “Maybe I could learn from all the pain and get a lesson/ I hope that all this pain will start to lessen.” He often offers an interesting combination of the trite and personal, such as in “Cry in Church,” when he notes “Blue’s Clues raised me/ Cheerios saved me/ Porno, step father here is what changed me.” Nov. 26 at Fillmore Silver Spring. $25–$70.