Credit: Courtesy of DC9

I first heard “Billy” without knowing the band. Horsegirl’s November 2021 single, released by Matador, has excellent production, clearly made with modern technology but definitely living in the same world as the best of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. So good, it came as a shock to learn the band are a trio of teenagers. Current teenagers—born closer to 2001 than 1991. But Horsegirl aren’t a rehash of late ’80s shoegaze. Their music doesn’t sound like imitation, yet the influence can’t be denied. For all of the accolades MBV and co. received over the past 30 years, their actual impact on actual bands is a bit overblown. It seems easy to compile a bunch of guitar pedals and stumble your way into your own sound. But it’s not. Horsegirl’s music sounds magnificent turned up loud, distortion washing over everything. But listen to it on repeat and the melodies are there. Their songs could be played on acoustic instruments and it would still be good. In total, Horsegirl have released 17 minutes of original music: one single in 2019, a three-song EP in 2020, and 2021’s “Billy.” Each song is great. No qualifiers. Not great for teenagers or great for an indie artist or great for a new band. Just great. March 20 at DC9, 1940 9th St. NW. $16–$18.

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