Not everyone observes spooky season the same way. Some folks like to decorate their house and hand out candy to trick or treaters, while others prefer intense haunted hayrides and visits to their local cemetery. The one common theme, however, is getting together to watch a scary movie. Many local theaters have their own version of that tradition, but the Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market stands out because it focuses on Alfred Hitchcock, the maestro of terror and suspense. Hitchcocktober is showing some of his most frightening films, including The Birds and Psycho, which still retain their power to captivate an audience. Sure, hardened horror fans might find Hitchcock tame in comparison to, say, Midsommar or The Devil’s Rejects. But even after all these years, there is something luxurious about Hitchcock’s rigorous, albeit old-fashioned way to scare an audience, particularly among the films that celebrate the unreality of black-and-white cinematography. Hitchcocktober takes place Oct. 5 through 31, with Wednesday and Halloween screenings at the Angelika Pop-Up. $11.

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