Fleece; courtesy of Union Stage

Smoother than silk and groovier than velvet bell-bottoms, Montreal’s Fleece play Union Stage on Sept. 25. The band rose to fame with their viral YouTube video “How to Write an Alt-J Song.” But Matt Rogers, lead singer and songwriter, has created a dreamy, more feminine version of Tame Impala, with hints of psychedelic swirls interspersed with slowed-down beats and vulnerable vocals. Fleece’s songs are full of questions—of love, anxiety, depression, and honest sexuality—that are tenderly exposed. The LGBTQ indie group’s newest record, Stunning & Atrocious, is easy listening with soft, sweet, and inquisitive lyrics. There’s something romantic among the stunning guitar riffs in “Something Real,” but the dream pop meets neo-psychedelia album is also full of bedroom bangers to lift the mood, such as “Like It a Lot.” This band will “keep you warm and happy,” as decreed on their Bandcamp, while also leaving a vague emptiness inside you from lyrics like, “We’re not in love, but I wanna feel like I am tonight.” Their raw words are hard to separate from the cute quirkiness of the group, since their songs sound like a fleece blanket of ethereal shoegaze (their moniker is aptly named). I’ll be listening to Fleece, lighting some incense, and swaying along to the music for introspective indie hour until I get to see them live. Fleece play at 8 p.m. on Sept. 25 at Union Stage in Southwest. unionstage.com. $15–$30.

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