A dad and a daughter with differing beliefs try to connect while (what else?) bird-watching in a suburban Maryland backyard. Birds of North America is Baltimore native and L.A.-based playwright Anna Ouyang Moench’s look at affection in one family across a decade of fraught visits and the increasingly visible impacts of climate change. First produced by Colorado’s Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company in 2017, her play’s regional premiere at Mosaic Theater Company features a cast (Regina Aquino and Mitchell Hébert) and creative team from the D.C. area or with D.C. roots. “Anna’s centering of climate change deeply attracts us to this play,” says director Serge Seiden, managing director of Mosaic. While Birds of North America will be Mosaic’s first in-person production in the pandemic era, a streaming version will also be available. Oct. 27 to Nov. 21 at Mosaic Theater Company. $20–$68.