Courtesy Union Stage

Four years since the release of their one and only album, indie-pop outfit BAILEN are finally gearing up for a sophomore LP. Tired Hearts, out May 5, is more subdued than the sibling trio’s debut project, Thrilled to be Here, with lyrics touching on everything from pre-pandemic-era political uncertainty to a family’s experience with breast cancer. A promotional tour will follow the album’s release, with a May 13 show scheduled at Union Stage. BAILEN have garnered praise for their vocal harmonies and crisp melodies. Thrilled to be Here, which came out in 2019, offered a natural sunset to the decade’s robust melodies and folky vocals, driven by the likes of Bon Iver and BØRNS. BAILEN have since evolved from that sound, maintaining the musicality that sets them apart while paring down the instrumentation to focus on headier lyrics. Tired Hearts was produced by Brad Cook, who has also worked with Bon Iver, Waxahatchee, and Snail Mail. According to the band’s lead singer, Julia Bailen, studio sessions were key in shaping the new album, whereas Thrilled to be Here grew more from live performances. “The songs changed so much over the course of the recording process,” Bailen says. It will be interesting to see whether touring once again shapes the trajectory of the band’s music, giving Tired Hearts yet another iteration of existence. BAILEN play at 8 p.m. on May 9 at the Miracle Theatre. $20.