Courtesy of Arena Stage

Constanza Romero Wilson describes Seven Guitars, the Tony Award-nominated play from 1995 by her late husband, August Wilson, as “an eclipse.” In an interview with Arena Stage posted in 2019, Constanza, an artist and costume designer, explains that the protagonist in the play, Floyd Barton, “is like the sun. His trajectory is toward being a recording star and a blues musician. He wants also to win his girlfriend back.” In Pittsburgh in the 1940s, Barton is released from jail and discovers that one of his records has become an unexpected hit. He imagines a brighter future for himself in Chicago and encourages his ex-girlfriend, Vera, to come with him. But his journey is interrupted by the antagonist of the play, Hedley, whom Wilson calls “the moon.” “It’s about dreams deferred,” Wilson explains in the video interview. Tazewell Thompson returns as the play’s director, and the full casting will be announced at a later date this fall, a spokesperson tells City Paper. Arena Stage has produced nine out of the 10 plays in Wilson’s American Century Cycle, which chronicles the Black experience in America during the 20th century. Nov. 26 to Dec. 26 at Arena Stage. $86–$105.