Courtesy of DC9.

When Anjimile sings, “Am I not supposed to make you cry?/ Damn I just don’t know good loving/ The right way,” it’s with enough effervescent charm that you’re tempted to forgive them even before they explain. They’re trying, they sing on “Baby No More,” and they know they’ve done their love wrong, but they just can’t get it right. The song is an irresistible, groovy hit for the Boston-based folk musician, included on their full-length debut, Giver Taker. On that album, the mononymous singer-songwriter grapples with transition, recovery, faith, and family from the perspective, and stability, of their late 20s. They’ve been picking up buzz here and there—named WBUR’s favorite Tiny Desk Concert entrant from Boston in 2018, profiled by NPR Music, reviewed in Pitchfork—and Giver Taker is a triumphant effort worthy of that hype. “Maker,” from later in the album, finds the artist fully taking control of their body and their life: “I’m not just a man, I’m a god/ I’m not just a god, I’m a maker.” Oct. 13 at DC9. $14–$17.