Credit: Daymon Gardner

A generation or two of Gen X and millennial feminists grew up listening to Ani DiFranco, whose music had a way of both empowering and easing even the most casual of listeners until her songs were burned onto mix CDs that were played until they skipped. The personal is political, but DiFranco has always made the political feel personal, too. While CDs are a dying format, DiFranco’s work and messages are very much current. Released in January, her latest album, Revolutionary Love, continues on the singer-songwriter’s path of telling it like it is while hoping to turn the fear so many have felt over the past five years into action. Of the 11 songs on the album, DiFranco wrote the majority pre-COVID—and well before the 2020 election, but according to her press kit, she was driven to record during the pandemic. Now, no stranger to the road, the 50-year-old musician is back on tour. On Sept. 22, DiFranco will join forces with the Indigo Girls for a doubleheader at Wolf Trap. If recent set lists are anything to go by, DiFranco will play a near 50-50 split of old and new material, but having made more than 20 albums, she has a lot of “old” material to choose from. Beloved tracks “Not a Pretty Girl,” “Gravel,” and “32 Flavors,” however, seem to be in heavy rotation. Sept. 22 at the Wolf Trap Filene Center. $45.50–$86.