It’s hard to believe there’s a generation out there who is completely unaware of the late-’90s festival outing Lilith Fair. That festival, borne out of the imagination and frustration of singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan when she was unable to bring Paula Cole on her tour, proved to promoters once and for all that having more than one woman on a bill was not going to end in financial disaster: It would actually draw a crowd. The last revival of Lilith happened in 2010, leaving a gaping hole in this type of women-centered programming. The void was thankfully filled in 2014 when the first All Things Go Music Festival launched in the back lots of Union Market. It’s built with each successive outing, and the 2021 version will feature Girl in Red, Soccer Mommy, Charli XCX, Beach Bunny, and headliners St. Vincent and Haim. For good measure, they have allowed a few men on the lineup as well: Cautious Clay, Role Model, Isaac Dunbar, Tai Verdes, and Jelani Aryeh. That’s a lineup that would even make Sarah McLachlan proud. Oct. 16 at Merriweather Post Pavilion.