Perfume is a great way for men to create a new signature scent and leave a lasting impression on those around them. However, with so many different fragrances available, it can be challenging to find the one that accurately reflects your unique style and taste.

To make the selection process easier, we’ll be reviewing the best perfumes for men in 2023. Our comprehensive guide covers a wide range of fragrances, from classic and timeless scents to modern and bold options.

By exploring our top picks, you can discover a variety of notes and choose the perfect scent for you. Let’s get started.

Best Eau de Cologne

  1. Terre D’Hermes Cologne for Men
  2. Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men 
  3. Acqua Di Gio Cologne
  4. Ralph Lauren Safari 

Best Eau de Toilette

  1. Arrivederci Homme
  2. Narciso Eau de Toilette
  3. Dior Homme
  4. Bad Boy Carolina Herrera

Best Eau de Parfum

  1. Versace Eros
  2. Calvin Klein Obsession
  3. Creed Aventus
  4. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le Parfum

Best Extrait de Parfum

  1. Baraonda
  2. Baccarat Rouge 540
  3. Black Afgano
  4. Chypre Du Nord

Top 12 Picks for Men’s Fragrances

Terre D’Hermes Cologne for Men

Best for a Classic and Subtle Scent


Terre D’Hermes Cologne for Men is a timeless fragrance that has long been a staple in the world of men’s grooming. It is a fresh and masculine take on the iconic Terre D’Hermes fragrance, originally created by the renowned perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. It can be worn for any occasion, from casual daytime to formal events.


This classic scent features a blend of earthy, woody, and citrus notes. It includes grapefruit, orange, and pepper, which come together to create a captivating aroma that is both fresh and lively. Terre D’Hermes Cologne is perfect for those who appreciate a subtle yet robust scent.

Lasting Power

Terre D’Hermes Cologne is a fragrance with moderate longevity, lasting around 4-6 hours on the skin. While the scent is not particularly strong or overpowering, it has a distinct and refreshing aroma that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Release Date and Price Range

Terre D’Hermes Cologne for Men was first introduced in 2016. The price range for this designer fragrance may vary, but it is generally considered to be in the mid-to-high range. The cost reflects its quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to high-quality ingredients. It is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men 

Best for a Sensual Fragrance


Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men is a one-of-a-kind scent in the fragrance world. It not only smells great but also contains natural pheromones that can increase a man’s natural appeal and attractiveness to others. It is an excellent choice for men who want to feel more confident in their daily lives.


This fragrance combines flowery and spicy tones with a hint of musk. It starts with a fresh burst of bergamot and citrus, followed by notes of jasmine, lavender, and clove. Plus, the base notes consist of musk, patchouli, and vanilla, creating an alluring and unique fragrance.

Lasting Power

Chikara Pheromone Cologne has a moderate to strong aroma that can last up to 8 hours. Its harmonious blend of perfume oils and pheromones makes it an ideal choice for men who want to enhance their natural appeal with an alluring fragrance.

Release Date and Price Range

Chikara Pheromone Cologne for Men was first introduced in 2002. It’s reasonably priced, making it an accessible option for those who want to try different colognes for men. It is available in a 15ml spray bottle.

Acqua Di Gio Cologne

Best for a Light, Natural Scent


Acqua Di Gio Cologne is a classic fragrance by Giorgio Armani that has been a men’s grooming staple since 1996. Its light, aquatic scent is ideal for summer days and casual gatherings.


Acqua Di Gio Cologne has a distinct scent that combines marine, citrus, and woody undertones. It starts with a refreshing burst of citrus from bergamot, lemon, and lime. It then transitions into coastal and floral notes from jasmine and rosemary. Finally, the base notes bring out an unmistakably masculine character with woody and musky tones.

Lasting Power

This is a moderate-strength perfume that lasts for 6-8 hours. Its fresh and clean aroma makes it suitable for any occasion, and its longevity ensures that it lasts throughout the day.

Release Date and Price Range

Acqua Di Gio Cologne was launched in 1996. The price varies based on the size of the bottle, but it’s generally considered to be in the mid-to-high range. It’s available in various sizes ranging from 1.4oz to 5.0oz.

Ralph Lauren Safari

Best for an Elegant Fragrance


Ralph Lauren Safari is a timeless fragrance that has been a favorite among men for decades. Its refined and sophisticated scent is perfect for formal events and occasions where you want to make a lasting impression.


The scent has a unique blend of herbal, citrus, and woody notes. It opens with a burst of herbal fragrances like lavender and rosemary, which are followed by notes of bergamot and lemon zest. The base notes are a mix of woody and spicy scents, with sandalwood and cinnamon being the most prominent.

Lasting Power

Ralph Lauren Safari is a long-lasting perfume that can linger on the skin for 8-10 hours. Its masculine scent is perfect for formal gatherings, like weddings and other events, where you want to make an impression with a fresh scent.

Release Date and Price Range

Ralph Lauren Safari was introduced in 1992. While the pricing range is mid-to-high, it is regarded as a good value for the fragrance’s quality.

Arrivederci Homme

Best for Everyday Use


Arrivederci Homme is a relatively new fragrance that was first introduced in 2018, but it has quickly become a favorite among men. Its fresh and masculine scent is perfect for daily wear and a signature fragrance.


Arrivederci Homme is a cologne with a unique fruity scent that combines citrus, oak, and spice. It begins with a blast of citrus, including bergamot and grapefruit, which gives a fresh and energizing impression. The heart notes are made up of woody aromas and spice notes, such as cedarwood and black pepper. Finally, this aromatic fragrance has base notes of musk and amber, which give it a warm and sensual feel.

Lasting Power

Arrivederci Homme has a medium-strength fruity aroma that lasts for 6-8 hours on the skin. It’s ideal for everyday use and has the potential to become a signature scent.

Release Date and Price Range

Arrivederci Homme, introduced in 2018, is available in a 3.4oz bottle and falls into the mid-to-high price range. Despite the cost, it is widely considered a great value for the quality of this masculine fragrance.

Narciso Eau de Toilette

Best for Day-To-Night


Narciso Eau de Toilette is a modern and stylish fragrance perfect for men who want a sophisticated scent. It just launched in 2021 and has quickly gained popularity among those seeking a memorable aroma.


This is a modern and sophisticated fragrance that combines floral, woody, and musky notes. It opens with a burst of feminine floral notes, including iris and Bulgarian rose, but the middle notes of cedar and vetiver provide a more masculine and earthy feel. The fragrance’s base notes are composed of musk, which gives it a warm touch.

Lasting Power

Narciso Eau de Toilette is a medium-strength perfume lasting up to 6-8 hours. It’s ideal for both casual and formal settings and can be used day or night.

Release Date and Price Range

Narciso Eau de Toilette was introduced in 2021 and is available in various sizes, including 1.6oz and 3.4oz. The price range is mid-to-high, but it’s worth the investment for its quality and contemporary scent.

Bad Boy Carolina Herrera

Best for a Bold Scent


Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy is a relatively new fragrance that hit the market in 2019. However, it has already gained immense popularity among men seeking a bold fragrance. Bad Boy is an excellent choice for nighttime wear as its sophisticated scent will linger, creating a distinctive and unforgettable impression.


Bad Boy by Carolina Herrera is a fragrance that blends spicy, woody, and fresh elements. The fragrance starts with a burst of bergamot and black pepper, creating a fresh and spicy aroma. The heart notes are composed of woody scents, such as cedarwood and sage, giving the fragrance a masculine and earthy feel. The base notes are warm and sweet, featuring tonka bean and cocoa, which create a sensual and tempting appeal.

Lasting Power

Bad Boy has a strong and long-lasting aroma that can linger up to 8-10 hours on the skin, making it an ideal fragrance for special occasions.

Release Date and Price Range

Bad Boy was released in 2019 and is available in 3.4oz bottles. The pricing is on the higher end, but it is considered a premium fragrance that is worth the investment.

Versace Eros

Best for Woody and Fresh Notes


Versace Eros is a highly popular and unique fragrance that has become one of the best colognes for men. Its blend creates a strong and distinctive perfume that’s perfect for special occasions or nights out. It’s suitable for confident and daring men who want a masculine scent that exudes charisma.


This is the perfect fragrance for men, mixing fresh and woody tones to create an appealing, long-lasting scent. The top notes of mint, green apple, and lemon give the fragrance a fresh and energizing sense. Tonka bean, ambroxan, and geranium provide warmth to make this a more functional fragrance. The base notes are vanilla, vetiver, oakmoss, and cedar, which create a woody and manly aroma.

Lasting Power

Versace Eros has a strong and potent aroma that lasts for up to 8 hours. The scent should linger throughout the day and gradually fade away.

Release Date and Price Range

Versace Eros has been a popular men’s fragrance since its launch in 2012. The price of the fragrance varies depending on the bottle size, but it is generally considered a higher end perfume. While it may be slightly pricier than other fragrances, the quality of the scent justifies the cost.

Calvin Klein Obsession

Best Timeless Blend


Calvin Klein Obsession is an iconic fragrance that has been around for decades. Its unique blend of varying notes creates a multi-layered scent that gradually unfolds over time, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a complex fragrance.


This is a complex fragrance that blends spicy and sweet tones. It starts with a burst of bright mandarin and bergamot, followed by a spicy heart of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The base is warm and seductive, with amber, musk, and vanilla notes. This is a timeless blend and one of the best colognes for men.

Lasting Power

Calvin Klein Obsession has excellent longevity, with the perfume lasting for up to 8 hours on the skin. The scent has a moderate sillage, making it ideal for people who prefer a more subtle fragrance that isn’t too overpowering.

Release Date and Price Range

Calvin Klein Obsession was first introduced in 1986 and remains a popular fragrance choice among men. It is available in 1.0 oz, 2.5 oz, and 4.0 oz bottles, with moderate price ranges.

Creed Aventus

Best for Crisp Notes


Creed Aventus is a highly sought-after men’s fragrance that has recently gained immense popularity. Its unique and alluring scent has made it a favorite among fragrance enthusiasts and a must-have in any perfume collection.


Creed Aventus has a complex and sophisticated scent that combines fruity and woody notes. It begins with a burst of bergamot, blackcurrant, and pineapple, creating a fresh and zesty feel. The heart notes of jasmine and patchouli add depth and complexity to the scent. Finally, the base notes of oakmoss, musk, and vanilla give it a warm and inviting finish. The blend of these high-quality ingredients results in a fragrance that is both distinctive and captivating.

Lasting Power

Creed Aventus has excellent staying power, with the scent remaining on the skin for up to 10 hours or more. It has a strong sillage and projection, which means that it leaves a trail as you move around.

Release Date and Price Range

Creed Aventus was first introduced in 2010. It is a high-end fragrance with a premium price point. Still, it is considered to be one of the most sought-after and iconic fragrances available.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le Parfum

Best for Special Occasions


Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le Parfum is a luxurious fragrance that expertly blends oriental and woody notes, resulting in a refined and stylish scent. The perfume was launched initially in 1995 by the renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. The fragrance is presented in a distinct bottle that’s shaped like a masculine torso, which not only makes it a quality cologne but also an art piece that is sure to turn some eyes.


This unique fragrance harmoniously blends spicy, sweet, and warm notes. The top elements consist of cardamom, bergamot, and mint, which create an invigorating opening that leads to a heart of lavender, orange blossom, and cinnamon. The perfume’s base notes consist of sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, and amber for an alluring finish.

Lasting Power

The Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne boasts remarkable longevity, with the fragrance lasting up to 8-10 hours. Additionally, the perfume has excellent sillage, meaning it lightly projects without being too overwhelming. Overall, it’s one of the best colognes for both casual and formal occasions.

Release Date and Price Range

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le Parfum was first released in 1995 and has since gained a reputation as a timeless fragrance with a masculine aroma. This luxurious scent comes with a high-end price tag. Despite the cost, the fragrance’s nostalgic scent and exceptional quality make it a popular choice among men.


Best Leather Scent


Baraonda Extrait de Parfum by Nasomatto is an exceptional fragrance that exudes warmth and seduction. It was first introduced in 2016 and quickly gained a following due to its luxurious composition and remarkable longevity. The captivating combination of whiskey and leather notes makes it a valuable addition to any men’s fragrance collection.


Baraonda opens with the rich, sophisticated aroma of whiskey notes and woody accords. At the heart of the fragrance lies a delightful blend of leather and ambrette seed, which provide a subtle touch of smoky sweetness to the composition. The fragrance’s base notes of vanilla and oakmoss add a warm and musky dimension, leaving a long-lasting impression on the skin.

Lasting Power

This fragrance has solid staying power, lasting up to 8-10 hours on the skin. The sillage of the perfume is moderate, allowing it to make an impact without being too overpowering. It’s an ideal scent for those who want to leave a lasting impression with a unique fragrance without overwhelming those around them.

Release Date and Price Range

Baraonda by Nasomatto is a premium fragrance, and as such, it is priced at the upper end of the spectrum. However, the perfume’s unique blend of ingredients and exceptional quality makes it a worthwhile investment for anyone who appreciates a sophisticated and high-end scent.

Baccarat Rouge 540

Best for Spicy and Floral Notes


Baccarat Rouge 540 is a powerful fragrance that was first introduced by the French perfume company Maison Francis Kurkdjian in 2015. Inspired by the iconic Baccarat crystal, this luxurious scent fuses floral, woody, and spicy undertones. This results in an unforgettable perfume that is both rich and captivating. It is an excellent option for men seeking a powerful, high-end fragrance suitable for special occasions.


Baccarat Rouge 540 opens with saffron and jasmine as the top notes, lending the fragrance a spicy and floral character. The middle notes consist of cedar and amber with woodsy elements, providing a warm touch to the perfume. The fir resin and musk base notes add a smoky dimension to the fragrance, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Lasting Power

Baccarat Rouge 540 boasts exceptional longevity, with the fragrance lasting up to 8-10 hours on the skin. Its long-lasting potency makes it a perfect choice for special occasions and extended gatherings, ensuring that the captivating scent remains with you throughout the evening.

Release Date and Price Range

Baccarat Rouge 540 was released in 2015 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian and is considered a luxury fragrance. The high-quality ingredients and exceptional blend make it a high-priced perfume. While it may come with a high price tag, its luxurious scent and its long-lasting staying power make it a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate quality perfumes.

Black Afgano

Best Smokey Blend


Black Afgano is a mesmerizing fragrance that draws its inspiration from the Middle East, with an intoxicating aroma that fuses the essence of cannabis and incense. The fragrance captures a deep sense of spirituality, adding to its allure and making it an irresistible choice for those who want a deep, smokey, captivating aroma.


Black Afgano consists of a complex blend of smoky incense, woody undertones, and cannabis, resulting in a dark and seductive scent that is perfect for those who enjoy intricate fragrances.

Lasting Power

Black Afgano has remarkable staying power, lasting up to 12 hours on the skin. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals wanting a fragrance that lasts all day.

Release Date and Price Range

Black Afgano was first launched in 2009 and has since become a cult favorite among fragrance enthusiasts. It falls under the luxury category, with higher-end prices. While it may be on the expensive side, the unique scent makes it a good investment for those who appreciate bold and complex fragrances.

Chypre Du Nord

Best Citrus Cologne


Chypre Du Nord is a luxurious fragrance created by the French perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. It is considered a Chypre fragrance, which typically includes a blend of bergamot, jasmine, rose, patchouli, tree moss, labdanum, and various woody notes. What sets Chypre Du Nord apart is its unique twist on the traditional formula. It includes sweet scents, which add to the depth and complexity of the perfume. Classic Chypre fragrances are always woody by definition, but Chypre Du Nord emits a fruity sweetness for a more refreshing scent.


This fragrance opens with bright and delicious blackcurrant, green apple, and rhubarb notes, providing an unexpected lightness to the top. As the fragrance develops, the heart reveals a rich, woody blend of cedar, sandalwood, and birch, which gives it a masculine edge. The underlying notes of oakmoss and patchouli lend depth and complexity to the perfume, making it a unique fragrance to wear.

Lasting Power

Chypre Du Nord has moderate longevity and can last 6-8 hours on the skin. The fragrance has an average sillage, which means it will be manageable for those around you yet noticeable enough to make an impression.

Release Date and Price Range

Chypre Du Nord by Bertrand Duchaufour is a premium fragrance with a high price tag. However, the quality of the scent and the intricate twist to the classic Chypre note make it a valuable purchase for those who appreciate unique fragrances.

How Do I Choose the Best Perfume for Men?

Choosing the best fragrance for men can be daunting, given the many options available. Luckily, there are some useful tips that can help you pick the right scent.

Fragrance Notes and Families

Fragrances consist of a combination of notes that work together to create a unique scent. The initial aroma you detect is referred to as top notes, while the middle notes, or heart notes, emerge after a few minutes and linger for several hours. The base notes are the foundation of the fragrance and last the longest.

To find the perfect scent, it is also essential to familiarize yourself with fragrance families such as floral, citrus, woody, and oriental. These are broad categories that classify scents based on their most dominant characteristics.


It’s essential to consider the season when selecting a fragrance. Lighter and fresher scents are perfect for spring and summer, while warmer and spicier aromas are better suited for fall and winter.

Opt for fragrances with floral, citrus, or aquatic notes for spring and summer. On the other hand, fall and winter are ideal for woody, musky, or spicy fragrances. You can create a more harmonious effect by choosing scents that complement the season.

Scent Concentration

Fragrances come in varying levels of scent concentration. Eau de Cologne is the lightest and lasts the shortest amount of time. Eau de Toilette has a stronger concentration and can last up to 6-8 hours. Eau de Parfum has a stronger perfume concentration and can last up to 10-12 hours. And finally, Extrait de Parfum has the highest concentration of fragrance oils and can last as long as 24 hours. It’s also important to remember that personal factors like skin type and chemistry may affect how long a scent lasts.


It’s important to consider the occasion for the fragrance you choose. Opt for something lighter and fresh if you’re looking for a scent to wear to the office. On the other hand, if you’re going on a date or a night out, you can choose a more alluring and sophisticated fragrance.

Express Your Personality Type

Your personality and style can play a significant role in determining your fragrance. For example, you may prefer fresh and zesty aromas that match your active lifestyle if you’re an energetic and outgoing person. Conversely, if you’re more refined and elegant, you may opt for a woody or spicy scent that complements your sophisticated style.

Price Range 

Consider your budget and decide whether you prefer designer or niche fragrances. Designer fragrances are more readily available and affordable, while niche fragrances are often more expensive but offer unique and exclusive scents.

Test the Fragrance

Last but not least, testing the fragrance before buying it is crucial. Apply a small amount to your skin and wait a few minutes to see how the fragrance develops. Getting a sample or purchasing a smaller size before investing in a larger, more expensive bottle is always a good idea.

How Are Perfumes Classified?

Perfumes are classified based on their fragrance oil and alcohol concentration levels. The most common classifications are:

Eau de Cologne

This type of perfume has the lowest concentration of fragrance oil, typically between 2-5%, and a higher concentration of alcohol. It typically has a refreshing, mild scent that lasts for a few hours. It’s ideal for casual daily wear.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette contains more fragrance oil than Eau de Cologne, usually between 5-15%. It has a moderate intensity and can last for several hours. However, it’s still subtle enough to wear on a daily basis, whether to the office or to casual events.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum contains more fragrance oil than Eau de Toilette, usually around 15-20%. It has a stronger scent that can last up to 8 hours or more. Eau de Parfum is suitable for evening wear and special occasions.

Extrait de Parfum

The most concentrated type of perfume, Extrait de Parfum, has a fragrance oil concentration of 20-30%. It has a powerful and long-lasting aroma, making it ideal for special occasions. Because of its high concentration of fragrance oil, it’s typically more expensive than other types of perfume.

Men’s Perfume FAQs

What Is the Top-Rated Perfume for Men?

Our top-rated perfume for men is Terre D’Hermes Cologne. It’s fresh, earthy, and slightly spicy, making it a versatile fragrance that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Of course, everyone’s preferences are different. It’s best to sample a fragrance before purchasing a large bottle to see how you like it.

Which Men’s Cologne Has the Best Scent?

Since everyone has different preferences when it comes to perfume, there is no one answer for the best men’s cologne scent. However, some men’s colognes with highly rated scents include Terre D’Hermes Cologne, Arrivederci Homme, Versace Eros, and Baraonda.

What Perfume Will Last the Longest?

Baraonda, Baccarat Rouge, Black Afgano, and Chypre Du Nord will last the longest. These perfumes are classified as Extrait de Parfum, meaning they have a higher concentration of fragrance oils than other types of perfumes, resulting in a longer-lasting scent.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right perfume can be overwhelming due to the vast selection available. However, our list of the 12 best perfumes for men in 2023 is designed to help you find a fragrance that suits your tastes, personality, and budget.

Our selection includes perfumes that range from strong and bold to more refined and understated. You’ll find traditional fragrances like Calvin Klein Obsession and Jean Paul Gaultier, as well as cutting-edge scents like Creed Aventus and Baraonda.

Consider factors like fragrance notes and families, the season, the concentration of the scent, the occasion, and your budget when choosing a perfume. By considering all these factors, you can find the right perfume that matches your personality and enhances your overall confidence