The crypto market has had a great start to the week as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many other coins have recorded strong growth over the last couple of days. It’s always hard to pinpoint exactly where market growth comes from but the EU finally passing crypto legislation last week and productive talks between President Biden and Kevin McCarthy regarding lifting the USA’s debt ceiling are likely the main contributors.

Of course, when the market is green investors are always looking for what are the best investment opportunities so now is the best time to look for up-and-coming projects. The US still could default but if it doesn’t the market will likely experience some growth. So, the best way to approach this is to look at presales or coins that have just launched. This way your investment won’t be exposed to the decision made by the government but you can still reap the rewards if it’s positive.

Some of the projects that have caught our eye in recent days are AiDoge (Ai), Copium Coin ($COPIIUM), Spongebob Token ($SPONGE), and Ecoterra (ECOTERRA). These coins are either going through successful presales or have recently launched and are available at rock-bottom prices. The key thing we are looking for here is growth potential so the projects have to be solid but also represent low-risk investments due to their prices.

So, let’s get into it.

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AiDoge- The presale investors can’t miss out on

Amazingly AiDoge (Ai) has just passed the $13 million raised point in their presale. It is breaking all kinds of records especially when you consider it only started a month ago. It is clear there is a real appetite out there for this coin and considering there are 20 stages of the presale in total it means despite its success investors still have a chance to get involved at a bargain price.

It’s quite clear where all the love for AiDoge is coming from. First of all, it combines the two hottest trends in the meme coin market at the moment; meme coins and AI technology. Secondly, it will be the very first meme-to-earn platform which we think could be a total game changer once it goes live.

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How it works is its users will be able to use the site’s AI technology to make the best possible memes. What’s especially cool is the technology will have a vast knowledge of the crypto market so it will be able to help its users make the best memes the crypto community has ever seen.

The meme-to-earn concept is fairly self-explanatory, the site will have a competitive flavor to it where weekly and monthly competitions will reward the best meme creators with native currency. Exposure will also be up for grabs as a voting system ensures the best memes are always on page one of the site. This seems to be the number one coin going through presale right now so we think it’s a must-have before it launches soon and inevitably pumps toward the top of the market.

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Copium Coin- One of two meme coins that could be the new PEPE

There are so many coins trying to fill the void that Pepe Coin (PEPE) has left behind. One thing is for sure the appetite is there for another meme coin to replicate its success so the only hard thing is trying to find the project. We think there are two possibilities and one of them is Copium Coin ($COPIUM).

The main factor that these projects need is a popular meme to base itself on and $COPIUM certainly has that. The copium meme is also synonyms with the crypto section of Twitter and Reddit so it is likely that many will take to this which gives it a chance of pumping.

Unlike PEPE this meme coin aims to promote a sustainable model which is unusual for meme coins. If you wish to purchase the coin during presale you will only be allowed to buy 1 ETH work of $COPIUM. This ensures a level playing field but also works against a future rug pull. These are the qualities that make it a possible successor to PEPE and a buy-now option. 

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Spongebob Token- The other meme coin with potential to pump 100x

As we mentioned, there are many meme coins popping up now that are hoping to replicate the success of PEPE. We think another one that has a chance is Spongebob Token ($SPONGE). Just like with $COPIUM, it is based on a meme that is legendary in internet circles and especially with crypto lovers. 

Spongebob is probably the most memed show or movie of all time and it is rooted in internet culture. The $SPONGE meme especially is one the crypto community loves as it is mostly used to poke fun at someone who has said something that may not have been the smartest.

$Sponge was launched only recently and after a great start, its price has suffered since. We are putting it forward as a low-risk high-reward option for investors as we feel like it never reached its potential and could be due another pump soon.

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Ecoterra- The green coin whales are getting behind

Green cryptos are likely where the smart money will begin to go in the future. Everyone knows regulators will likely force the crypto market into tighter environmental practices so investing in projects that are green now could pay off in the future. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) has everything an investor could want in a green coin.

The project rewards people that recycle with its native currency, ECOTERRA. It all revolves around the reverse vending machines you can now see in supermarkets. The Ecoterra project has partnered with these supermarkets and people will be able to scan their items before they recycle them and earn ECOTERRA.

On a larger scale, businesses will be encouraged to purchase their own machines so they can install company-wide green practices and in turn, make some profit. We think green projects are the future and no one is as green as Ecoterra. The presale has passed the $4 million point recently so get involved before the whales set the price soaring.

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Ripple- Are we finally close to the end of the SEC case? 

People will be fatigued by the Ripple (XRP) case by now and we don’t blame them at all. It seems to be dragging on forever and every time we think it might be coming to an end it’s delayed more. However, in the last week, the price of XRP has grown by nearly 10 percent after SEC emails came out that showed Ripple still could not be looked at as a security. This could be a good spot to buy in before the end of the trial as it will likely pump with a positive verdict.


The market is enjoying a nice green patch so now is the perfect time to seek out some new investments. AiDoge, Copium Coin, Spongebob Token, and Ecoterra especially all represent projects with huge potential but crucially, as we approach June 1st and D-day for the US government, they are also low-risk investments.