Axie Infinity (AXS) pumped 20% as the developers announce that Apple users across South America and Asia can now access Axie Infinity: Origins. News about adding these huge markets triggered a huge price increase for AXS and that may only be the beginning. However, worries about plummeting number of active users may send investors fleeing to greener pastures like AiDoge (AIDOGE), which just hit $13 million in presales.

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Axie Infinity: Origins Listed on Apple Store for South America and Asia

With Axie Infinity: Origins getting listed on Apple Store and receiving access to South American and Asian markets, AXS is receiving a major boost. The NFT gaming platform is now set up to create some major inroads in the fastest-growing gaming market on the planet, a fact not lost on investors.

According to Sky Mavis, the creator of both the Axie Infinity platform and Axie Infinity: Origins card game, this represents a turning point in the development and will play a huge role in establishing AXS as one of the world’s premier gaming cryptos.

Axie Infinity: Origins already has more than 1.5 million downloads on Google’s Play Store and the access to Apple Store will further boost that number. The game is very popular among mobile gamers and the team behind Axie Infinity expects it to restore confidence in the platform.

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Axie Infinity’s Plummeting Numbers of Active Players Worry Investors

Despite the popularity of Axie Infinity: Origins, the number of active players on the platform has been constantly dropping. From an all-time high of 2 million users in May 2022, the app recorded its lowest turnout ever, barely hitting 400,000 in April 2023. Especially worrisome is that it took less than a year to lose more than 1.5 million players.

With the active player count so low, Axie Infinity is desperate to tap into a new pool of players and the Apple Store listing may be just what the doctor ordered. Still, many critics aren’t convinced that it will be enough and recommend caution when choosing a new addition to your portfolio. This is especially true when we know there are far better and more stable investment options on the table, like AiDoge, an amazing AI meme platform that is breaking all records in presale.

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AiDoge Hits an Important Milestone With $13 Million Raised in Presale

When AiDoge was first announced, there were plenty of skeptics who doubted the concept. After all, who has ever heard of an AI-generating meme platform? The doubt didn’t last long though and with AiDoge’s presale hitting the $13 million presale milestone, not many skeptics remain.

Unlike many other meme coins, AIDOGE has a clear utility within the AiDoge ecosystem, where it is used for all transactions. It is precisely this utility that gives it the edge over meme coins like PEPE and HOMER and makes it superior to them as an investment option.

Riding on the coattails of recent meme coins explosions, like PEPE and HOMER, AIDOGE is making some incredible gains. The native token of the AiDoge platform is selling amazingly well as it approaches its hard cap goal. Fueled by FOMO of people who missed out on previous moonshots, AIDOGE is rushing through presale stages and rapidly burning through tokens allocated for presale. At this rate, it will end weeks ahead of schedule, so if you plan on becoming one of the early investors, you need to hurry and catch it before it hits the open market.

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The Combination of AI And Memes Ensures AiDoge’s Popularity

AI seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. With the amazing success of apps like ChatGPT, it would seem that everybody is looking for new applications. AiDoge offers one of the most original ones, though.

Memes have come a long way since they were first introduced. From obscure references, they have become an unofficial mode of communication, especially for younger generations. They are able to pass complicated statements with just a pic and a few choice words. Of course, to fully understand them one needs to be immersed in the Internet culture, but that is not an issue for the generation of digital natives.

AiDoge allows easy and quick meme generation by employing powerful AI, built just for this application. All a user needs to do is enter an idea and no matter how vague it is, AiDoge will find appropriate images and add corresponding text, presenting you with a finished product. You can freely share it with the AiDoge community and on your social media.

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AiDoge Offers a Unique Meme2Earn Business Model

One of the features that secured AiDoge’s popularity is its ingenious Meme2Earn business model. The app plans on holding regular competitions with community voting on the best memes. The creators will receive rewards in the form of AIDOGE, which will not only provide them with a steady side income but also a motivation to continue making them.

The system will also provide AIDOGE circulation, securing a constant demand and pushing the price upwards. This will, at least partially, shield AIDOGE from the volatility of the crypto market and help it weather the storms that regularly plague the crypto world.

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Despite recent gains, Axie Infinity remains a dubious long-term investment opportunity due to the rapidly falling active users count. It is unclear whether the addition of Axie Infinity: Origins to the Apple Store will be enough to reverse this trend and save the platform. On the other hand, AIDOGE continues to have a record-breaking presale. With investors flocking to it, we can reasonably expect it to explode as soon as it hits the crypto exchanges later this year. If you have missed out on PEPE and HOMER, AIDOGE is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the meme coin craze and stave off FOMO.