The crypto markets are making a turnaround and are once again showing signs of stable, long-term growth. May of 2023 is the best time to invest, as most altcoins are expected to grow steadily by the year’s end. However, with over 20,000 listed cryptocurrencies, finding the ones leading to the highest gains takes a lot of work, even for experienced traders.

That’s why we researched for you, selecting the top seven cryptos that could yield 100x returns or higher. Our selection includes multiple upcoming platforms such as AiDoge ($AI), the SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE), EcoTerra (ECOTERRA), yPredict (YPRED), DeeLance ($DLANCE), and Launchpad ($LPX). All of them have a chance to lead to massive returns, so let’s dive deeper and see why they should be on top of your investing priority list.

Best Cryptos To Buy Right Now In More Detail

Below you will find short reviews of the top 7 trending cryptocurrencies to invest in right now.

1. AiDoge ($AI) – AI-Powered Meme Generation Platform

First, on our list of the best cryptos to invest in right now, we have a new meme coin called AiDoge. However, AiDoge is more than just another useless meme coin with zero utilization. Instead, it’s an AI-powered meme-generation platform that allows users to create viral memes with just one click. The AI pulls information from social media, ensuring that the memes are accurate and relevant. 

The project’s native token, $AI, is used to purchase credits needed to create memes, but users can also stake them for daily credit rewards and the right to vote. The 20-stage presale is halfway done right now, so visit the official site to get your $AI at the lowest price possible.

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2. SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE) – SpongeBob-Inspired Meme Generator

Next, we have the SpongeBob Token, another meme coin inspired by the world’s most popular cartoon character in history. Unlike most other emerging crypto platforms, the creators of the $SPONGE token decided to launch it on Uniswap without presale stages or any online advertising. The token launched on May 4, immediately exploding, giving early investors over 1,500% in returns.

Like AiDoge, SpongeBob Token uses an AI solution to create SpongeBob-themed memes that are already prevalent online. Users will be able to make them using prompts and more. The $SPONGE token’s price has stabilized, but most experts expect to see another bull run shortly.

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3. EcoTerra (ECOTERRA) – Eco-Friendly Recycle-To-Earn Platform 

EcoTerra is another cryptocurrency platform you should know more about. It’s an eco-friendly project that aims to reduce the adverse effects of climate change by rewarding users with ECOTERRA tokens every time they recycle. The Recycle-2-Earn or R2E approach will reward users whenever they scan a product and dispose of it at the nearest recycling center. 

Businesses can use ECOTERRA tokens can be used to purchase recycled materials they need in production. On the other hand, individuals can stake tokens to get passive rewards, and you can read more about plenty of other benefits on the official website. One thing is sure – EcoTerra will lead to huge returns for all early investors, so hurry up and secure your spot.

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4. yPredict (YPRED) – Versatile Crypto Price Prediction Platform

yPredict is a revolutionary crypto future price prediction platform with advanced analytics tools to help traders get the most out of every investment. The platform uses an advanced AI solution to pull relevant data and create predictive models to predict future price movements accurately. That will allow you to find the best investment opportunities while reducing risk.

The YPRED token is an essential part of the platform, and it’s used to unlock the tools you need, and you can also stake them for rewards. yPredict’s unique design and abilities make it an excellent platform for all crypto traders, so it’s safe to say that the project will only keep growing in the future. $YPRED tokens are currently in presale, so visit the official site for more information.

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5. DeeLance ($DLANCE) – Revolutionary Freelance Recruiting Platform

DeeLance is a new freelance recruiting platform that aims to revolutionize the entire sector by introducing blockchain technologies into the mix. Unlike existing freelance platforms, DeeLance will be 100% transparent, allowing freelancers and clients to find the type of work or talent they require. Moreover, the platform cuts the middle man out of the equation, reducing overall fees and increasing security.

Once a match is found, clients must stake the right amount of DLANCE tokens to be released to the freelancer automatically after completing the work. The platform will also have a metaverse where people can hang out in a virtual office space, an NFT system, and much more. So, visit the official site and join the DeeLance community right now to get the highest returns in the future.

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6. Launchpad ($LPX) – Platform Designed to Make Trading Digital Assets Easy

Launchpad might be the most exciting new crypto project on our list because it offers an all-in-one Web 3.0 app development solution for faster and more flexible collaboration. Namely, the platform will feature everything from NFTs to a built-in decentralized token exchange and more. As a result, it will replace multiple crypto sites in one go, and it will positively impact your crypto trading.

Launchpad will provide users with accurate market data, making finding and executing the best crypto trades easier. The native $LPX token will be used to unlock the features you want to use, but token holders will also get a discount when exchanging their tokens. 

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7. Avalanche (AVAX) – Scalable Blockchain Network Using Three Separate Chains

Avalanche has been around for years. It was designed as a low-fee blockchain network that uses three separate chains to handle huge numbers of transactions every second. Avalanche’s incredible speed allowed it to keep growing steadily over a more extended period. As a result, AVAX tokens had an all-time high of almost $135, a long way from the $5 starting price point.

Like other altcoins, AVAX tokens entered recovery mode recently and are expected to explode by the end of 2023. Token holders are hoping for a huge comeback, and judging from the current price movements; the future could bring huge returns. 

Final Words

These are the top 7 trending cryptocurrencies to invest in right now. Tokens such as $AI, $SPONGE, $ECOTERRA, YPRED, $DLANCE, and $LPX will likely lead to 10x gains or higher after they appear on CEX/DEX listings in the next few months. So, if you invest today, you can buy them for the lowest price they’ll ever be while securing massive returns in the future.