A lot has been happening with the Shiba Inu ad Dogecoin, which alarmed investors and suggested it’s time to move to AiDoge and Copium, two meme projects that look promising to bring enormous gains.

But before we tell you more about them and explain why you should invest in AiDoge and Copium, here is an overview of what is happening with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Dogecoin founder dissociated from the project; Shiba Inu struggles with low burn rates

Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin, shared his views on the cryptocurrency market in a post. He said he wasn’t involved with the development of Dogecoin anymore and was not representing the project. Markus also stated he had been worried about the harassment he faced from the community.

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu burn rates dropped by 96% in 24 hours because of the decreased attention. The Shiba Inu community now focuses on the launch of the Shibarium and SHIB Metaverse.

The past week was terrible in token burns, with only 15 burn transactions. It seems that actions to reduce the Shiba Inu supply and increase the coin’s price are not engaging investors.

Additionally, both tokens are deeply in the red, trading negatively for weeks. For example, Dogecoin is trading at 82% lower than in May 2021, while SHIB fell by 76% since its last all-time high last October. 

It looks like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu must capture the interest of investors to expect any significant growth in the future.

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Is it time to invest in AiDoge and Copium?

AiDoge and Copium, however, look ready to pump as investors turn to these two after the recent Shiba Inu and Dogecoin troubles.

Here is more about them.

AiDoge is the best AI meme crypto to buy now!

AiDoge is the latest meme coin that has been seeing great success. Its successful presale, currently ongoing, put this AI crypto on all lists of the best crypto launches this year.

The $11 million raised in the presale results from the terrific features and benefits AiDoge offers its investors. 

As the first AI-backed meme generation platform, AiDoge allows users to create highly relevant memes. Designers must only enter text-based prompts; the highly trained algorithm will do the rest.

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Once they create memes, designers can publish them on the public wall and enjoy fantastic rewards if their creation gets the highest votes. The wall is where the AiDoge community can upvote or downvote meme creations, and the winners are chosen monthly. With this, the community is encouraged to create memes constantly. 

Lastly, the AiDoge community can earn rewards daily on the staking platform. Staking is crucial for future platform development and community engagement. 

Why should you invest in AiDoge?

  • You can show your creativity and earn great rewards.
  • You can earn rewards every day.
  • You invest in the token with utility. 
  • You access the platform’s exclusive features like new templates, airdrops, and more.
  • You can get an airdrop of AI tokens to your account if you refer the project to your friends!

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Copium is the newest meme project ready for great success

If you missed PEPE, don’t worry because Copium is a similar project but looking ready to bring you higher gains.

The innovative approach to the NFT drops and exclusive services, combined with the solid anti-dumping design, are compelling reasons to invest in this project immediately. 

The main goal of Copium is to create unique and engaging meme crypto that capitalizes on the power of humor, innovative tokenomics, and community. The combination of an engaged community, exclusive NFT rewards, and other incentives can bring significant gains to investors.

Copium is more than a crypto; it is a movement driven by humor that aims to help people navigate the confusing and unpredictable crypto space. The project is built around ‘coping’ with missed opportunities and FOMO in the crypto world. 

Copium launched straight onto the Uniswap DEX. Presale is an invitation-only event for people who want to secure some tokens before the exclusive launch. To get invited, you can engage with Copium on Twitter and Telegram and create memes to show you’re a Copium supporter. 

Top-200 $COPIUM holders (people with the most tokens in their wallet) will receive extra coins airdropped to their wallet. 

These airdropped NFTs contain a COPIUM tank that fills up across 20 tiers, reflecting the number of tokens you own. The data of your tank will update every few hours to follow the changes in your tank. After two weeks, you can claim your $COPIUM airdrop. The amount you will receive depends on the number of tokens multiplied by the duration of your holding. 

Why should you invest in Copium?

  • You invest in a community-oriented project that prioritizes the safety of investors and a fair launch.
  • You can earn terrific rewards.
  • You can get some extra tokens airdropped in your wallet.

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Final words

Forget about Dogecoin and Shiba Inu!

AiDoge and Copium are the up-and-coming meme projects that will bring terrific rewards to investors.

Not only do these bring great rewards, but they also have promising futures. Experts claim they will be the best meme projects in the future and pump by 500x after their presales end.

So, don’t wait any longer. Buy at a lower price now and enjoy great benefits!