Prop bets are one of the most exciting wagers in the sports betting industry. They cover both team and player specific actions and also unconventional bets that wouldn’t normally exist in most games. The Super Bowl is notorious for having a huge range of prop bets such as the gatorade dunk color and the coin toss.

Prop Betting Explained

A prop bet is a wager on a specific action occuring during a sports game. This can be player specific, game specific, team specific or an exotic prop bet. These bets are extremely popular on big games, as they have lots of unique bets that can be placed. The interesting nature of these bets and the complete luck that is required to win are what makes them so attractive to sports bettors.

Understanding Prop Betting Odds

Usually, the odds for prop bets aren’t great. Especially if they’re not exotic props. This is because sportsbooks add an edge on these odds known as the vig. They do this as it’s how they make money. This is especially obvious on prop bets as due to their mostly even odds, anything could happen. This means that both outcomes on a prop bet usually have minus odds. This makes it so that as a whole, the sportsbook makes money no matter which outcome occurs.

Different Types of Prop Bets

Now that you know what prop bets are, let’s take a look at the different types of prop bets that can be placed at sportsbooks.

Player Props

These are prop bets based solely on a player’s performance during a game. These bets usually cover statistics such as: who will score the first basket, goal or touchdown and the over/under on the points, rebounds, assists, passes and touchdowns a player might tally up.

Example – In the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the odds of Jimmy Butler to score over 27.5 points per game had odds of -125. This means that for every winning $100 wagered, a total payout of $180 would occur, with a profit of $80.

Team Props

These prop bets focus on what each team does in the game. Usually they cover totals, moneylines and yes or no questions.

Example – Will the Baltimore Ravens win at least three quaters of their season opening game against the Houston Texans in September?

Game Props

Game props cover actions that take place throughout the course of a game. They cover all popular types of bets such as moneylines, spreads and totals. These props can focus on a whole game or just a specific quarter or half.

Example – Will there be more than 100.5 passing yards in the first quarter during a game between the Washington Commanders and the Carolina Panthers?

Exotic Props

Exotic props are the most well known type of prop bet. This is because exotic props stand out in the mind as being a truly unique and special type of bet that doesn’t come around very often.

Example – What color will the Super Bowl Gatorade dunk on the winning coach be?

How to Place a Prop Bet

Despite the unique nature of prop bets, they are very easy to place. Follow these steps and place a prop bet in a matter of minutes.

Claim a Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

You will need a sportsbook account in order to place sports betting wagers. If you don’t already have one, consider signing up for one of the best sportsbooks in the country. If you’re in DC, Maryland or Virginia you can take advantage of generous welcome offers and get up to $2,250 in bet bonuses when you sign up.

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Find a Prop Bet

Once you have created a sportsbook account, you will need to deposit at least $10 into it. Your money will appear in your balance within seconds. From here, simply click on any upcoming game and head over to the prop bets.

You will see a huge range of different prop bets to choose from. Find the right one for you and select it.

Place Your Prop Bet

Once you’ve selected a prop bet, it will appear in your bet slip on the right of your screen if you’re on desktop site and the bottom of your screen if you’re on a mobile app. All you have to do now is enter the amount you want to wager and press “Bet Now”.

In this example, we have selected the prop bet of Bam Adebayo scoring more than 17.5 points in a game between the Heat and the Celtics. The odds are -130, meaning that if a $100 won, it would payout $176.92 with a profit of $76.92.

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Which Sports Use Prop Betting?

Most sports allow prop betting to be wagered on their games. Here is the stance of the four biggest sporting leagues in the country and whether or not they allow prop betting.

NFL Logo

NFL There is no sporting spectactle that is bigger and more impressive than the Super Bowl. It hosts by far the largest number of wagering options on the planet. Every single bet you could possibly think of is available in the form of exotic prop bets. However, the fun doesn’t end with the big game, as you can place prop bets on football games throughout the entire season too.

NBA Logo

NBA Due to the high scoring nature of basketball games, it makes sense that you can wager prop bets on them. There are plenty of opportunities to place player, team and game props on the NBA action.

NHL Logo

NHLWith the Stanley Cup action getting underway in June, you will be able to place all kinds of prop bets on the final few games of the ice hockey season.

MLB Logo

MLB The biggest baseball league in the world allows prop bets to be placed on their games. You will have plenty of opportunity to do so over the course of their gigantic 162 game season.

Prop Betting FAQs

What is a prop bet?

A prop bet is a wager on a specific action occuring during a sports game. This can be player, game and team specific or an exotic prop bet.

Where can I place prop bets?

You can place prop bets at all major sportsbooks in the country. Most smaller ones also offer these wagering opportunities.

Are prop bets worth it?

Prop bets are far better for entertainment value than monetary gain. This is because they rarely have good odds, unless they are exotic prop bets.

What is an example of a prop bet?

Lamar Jackson to score a TD in all 4 quarters of a NFL game at +250 odds.

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