The most popular and best freelancing and recruitment platform, DeeLance ($DLANCE) with the latest achieved milestone ($800,000 raised), has entered the third presale stage, and now the native DLANCE token can be purchased for $0.033 USDT. Every day, more and more freelancers and employers are joining this platform, which only indicates to us that it will very soon move to the next presale stage, which will of course bring a new price increase. So it would be wise to seize the moment and join this hot presale ASAP. Not only to take advantage of the fantastic presale price but because the DeeLance platform brings a handful of other benefits!

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Why DeeLance ($DLANCE)?

Why opt for DeeLance when there are already so many other freelancing and recruiting platforms? The answer to this question is very simple: because DeeLance offers everything that other platforms failed to offer!

When you think of platforms of this type, Fiverr, Upwork, and the like are probably among the first ones that come to mind. But when you think specifically about these platforms we’ve just mentioned, your first association is surely a bunch of problems: long wait for earnings if you are a freelancer, high withdrawal costs, problems with content ownership, and much more. 

Well, that’s precisely the advantage of the DeeLance platform. On DeeLance, you will find the lowest fees for both freelancers and employers, you won’t be paying any withdrawal fees, which is a fantastic thing. And finally, another DeeLance advantage is that this platform enables digital work ownership!

The main idea of the DeeLance platform is therefore to enable the tokenization of the work products of freelancers into NFTs, which enables a safe and reliable transfer of ownership of the work. All in all, DeeLance creates a safe place where freelancers and employers will connect most effectively, and where both parties will be completely protected, and more importantly: satisfied!

Forget copyright infringement, payment scams, long waits for earnings, and other problems you’ve faced, whether you’re a freelancer or an employer. DeeLance finally brings much-needed security and transparency. And to step into the DeeLance metaverse and take advantage of all that this popular platform has to offer, you, of course,  need a native $DLANCE token!

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DeeLance ($DLANCE) is one of the most promising cryptos for 2023!

At the center of the DeeLance metaverse is, of course, the native $DLANCE token. Observing the way the DeeLance platform was created and all that it offers, it was clear from the very start that $DLANCE would be very popular and in demand. Positive stories and predictions have been circulating about the $DLANCE token for a long time.

The most popular crypto web portals such as,, and CoinTelegraph, but also traditional web news portals such as Finance, Business Insider, and others, report extremely positively about this crypto predicting for it, considering the mass of the online workforce (which is getting bigger and bigger) even bigger success! 

The analysis of crypto experts and the predictions of crypto influencers point to the same thing: the success that $DLANCE has achieved so far is nothing compared to what we are yet to see from this crypto! In a very short time, $DLANCE managed to build a stable community on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, where in total there are more than 50,000 active members!

The fact is that an increasing number of people are aware that $DLANCE is one of the most promising cryptos for 2023. Join this group, and invest in $DLANCE ASAP, before it realizes massive gains!

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Join the DeeLance ($DLANCE) presale on time, and invest in a coin that is set for massive gains!

According to the analysis of people who understand how crypto works, $DLANCE is one of the most promising young coins that could achieve massive gains already this year. Of course, if you invest in this crypto now, while its price is only 0.033 USDT, you have the chance to achieve the highest return on investment. Jacob Crypto Bury, one of the most respectable crypto influencers advises investing in $DLANCE because he believes that this crypto has great potential, and Smallcap DE agrees, and believes that $DLANCE has 18X potential.

These crypto experts base their opinion, of course, on the fantastic success of the DeeLance presale, which recorded outstanding results in record time. With the recent milestone reached, that is, with more than $800,000 raised, DeeLance has entered the third phase of the presale. The new phase brought, of course, a new price, and now you can buy one $DLANCE token for 0.033 USDT per coin. But, don’t wait too long, because, with the transition to the fourth presale phase, which is approaching at a high speed, the price of the $DLANCE token will increase to 0.038 USDT. So don’t let yourself miss this unique opportunity, and grab $DLANCE today!

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If you are a freelancer or an employer, who has so far been dissatisfied with the conditions on the existing platforms, DeeLance should be your next choice. DeeLance will provide you with a simple signup process, therefore, it will save you time, provide you with transparency and security, free you from long payment cycles, provide you with low commissions, and finally, allow you to enter a fantastically designed metaverse that will provide you with a lot of other benefits. But, perhaps most important of all, the DeeLance platform, i.e. owning its native $DLANCE token, will also give you the chance to get a big return on your investment by investing early in this promising crypto. So don’t wait too long, and grab $DLANCE before the next price increase! Make sure not to miss this unique opportunity!