There is a recent surge in interest in crypto presales as investors search for the next big thing. Many crypto presales have monumental use cases that provide real-world utilities and investment opportunities.

Crypto presales allow early investment in a project to enjoy satisfactory long-term gains. However, being involved with the best among the rest can be a challenge. Interestingly, this post uncovers five new cryptos, AiDoge, EcoTerra, yPredict, Launchpad, and DeeLance, currently in their presale stages and ready to provide fantastic investment returns.

Five New Crypto Presales Worth Checking Out in 2023

As the 2023 crypto market advances, various sentiments, and expert predictions point to a bullish year for all cryptos. This has become evident in new cryptos in their presale stages, recording millions before market listings. These cryptos have so much potential and are worth discovering now. Let’s quickly take a look at five new cryptos that are poised to provide the best gains to investors.

  1. AiDoge (AI): A Crypto Ecosystem Combining AI Technology and Memes


AiDoge continues to ride on the latest trend and hype surrounding AI, thanks to the rise of ChatGPT and other AI tools. Apart from the hype, AiDoge has an exceptional use case that invites its users to generate memes using its AI generation technology. It also rewards creators of these memes with crypto if they are popular.

In response to the use case, its native token, $AI, has received attention from social media and is selling fast in its ongoing presale. AiDoge provides passive income to meme creators, utilizing blockchain technology to protect their content from copyright issues. Its ground-breaking use case will undoubtedly increase as many investors continue to buy its tokens.

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  1. EcoTerra (ECOTERRA): A Sustainable and Eco-friendly Crypto Platform With Incentives

EcoTerra is leading the battle against climate change, incentivizing its users with crypto rewards for sustaining the environment. By introducing a recycle-to-earn initiative, EcoTerra will allow users to scan recyclable items and earn ECOTERRA tokens.

Through EcoTerra’s recycling initiative, the average user can recycle easily thanks to the introduction of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) in supermarkets across the country, with the global world in view. Also, they can participate in eco-friendly activities to earn NFTs.

Interestingly, big names, such as Nestle, Vittel, Heineken, and Dr. Pepper, have joined forces with EcoTerra. The team is poised to list EcoTerra in Q3 2023, with early-bird investors set to enjoy massive gains. Endeavor to participate in its ongoing presale before all the tokens get sold out.

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  1. (YPRED): A Revolutionary Blockchain Platform Providing Ai-Predictive Tools For The Crypto Market is a next-generation platform that aims to equip traders, quants, analysts, and software developers with AI toolkits for better insights into the crypto market. Users can use these toolkits to predict crypto prices to make better investment decisions.

Users can share their predictive models in the yPredict marketplace, charging a subscription for traders to generate market signals. This marketplace initiative provides an avenue for software developers to earn passively.

yPredict’s native token, YPRED, drives the platform, which traders need to access its AI-powered features. You can purchase YPRED in its early stages before its presale prices increase and record massive gains.

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  1. DeeLance (DLANCE): The Best Decentralized Freelancing Platform


DeeLance is the first-of-its-kind, decentralized freelancing platform built on blockchain technology, connecting freelancers and recruiters cost-effectively. What makes DeeLance unique is its charging fee of 2%, which intrigues potential freelancers.

The payments are swift as they are paid in crypto, with the tokens held in escrow until job completion. Also, the platform tokenizes submitted jobs as NFTs, thus preventing copyright and ownership issues. DLANCE is the primary utility token backing the DeeLance platform, serving as the main payment currency.

DeeLance’s presale event is massively accelerating. With this platform, you can be a part of its early bird investors who are in line for greener gains. Do not miss your chance to become part of the DeeLance platform.

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  1. Launchpad (LPX): A Crypto Platform Making Web 3.0 Investments Possible


Launchpad is the first crypto platform that makes Web 3.0 accessible to the average user. With this platform, users can gain early access to NFTs, presales, utility tokens, decentralized exchanges, fractionalized assets, and many more.

With its decentralized feature, Launchpad allows users to take advantage of these early listings to enjoy numerous gains when they become public. 

Launchpad is launching a ten-staged presale for its native token, LPX before it lists across multiple DEXs in the year’s third quarter. Ensure to be among the savvy investors that will scoop  LPX tokens to enjoy massive price gains.

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Concluding Thoughts: These Five Cryptos Are The Next Best Investments of 2023

Crypto presales are perfect avenues for investing in newer projects with profitable ROIs. These presales offer higher ROIs than the top assets in the market, giving investors the excitement to enjoy higher price gains.

If you are searching for the next best cryptos to invest in, you won’t go wrong with AiDoge, EcoTerra,, DeeLance, and Launchpad. Take your early positions now and enjoy considerable gains when they list on exchanges and provide actual value to the crypto community at large.