Meme coins have been flying high in the market for quite some time now. 

Projects such as Dogecoin, Turbo, Shiba Inu and Pepecoin have registered double to triple digit gains in the past. But as these token’s are cooling off, there is one that has grabbed the attention of investors as a viable alternative investment – SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE). 

SpongeBob Token ($SPONGE) has been attracting the attention of investors everywhere, especially meme coin lovers. The token, which is already listed at some of the biggest crypto exchanges, has added two more to its name – Bitget and 

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$PEPE, $TURBO and $DOGE Crash as SpongeBob Token Makes its Mark

Both $PEPE and $TURBO were flying high as meme coins. Early investors of the two projects enjoyed 10x gains in the past. However, since these coins have started decreasing in value, a lot of those investors are looking towards $SPONGE. 

Established meme coins such as $PEPE and $DOGE have started tumbling due to a variety of factors. For instance, $PEPE experienced a 14.9% decline against USD in the last 24 hours. This has led to $PEPE losing 60% of its value since its all-time high on May 5th

Dogecoin and $TURBO both experienced similar fates. The fact that meme coins like these have declined like this has troubled many investors. However, on the other hand, there is a meme coin that is breaking all milestones on the way up. – SpongeBob Token aims to revolutionise the meme coin space. 

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SpongeBob Token – Redefining the Memecoin Market

SpongeBob Token is a newly launched meme coin that is based on the cartoon character of the same name. At a time when other meme coins are struggling, whales are picking up $SPONGE tokens to produce greater gains. Like any other meme coin, $SPONGE is focused on being fun and attractive to investors who are attracted to meme coins. 

Memecoins have a tendency to produce sudden price increases, which makes this the right time to invest. At a time when Dogecoin has experienced a 7% drop in the last 7 days, $SPONGE has kept everyone behind by increasing more than %1000 in the same period. 

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$SPONGE Price Performance

$SPONGE began its journey on May 4th, valued at only $0.000073. Less than 24 hours later, the token’s price pumped to $0.00004584 and reached another milestone of $0.000616 by May 5th, 2023. 

Some of the earliest backers of the project have gained more than 540% in less than 24 hours, with some experiencing massive profits by selling the tokens for $0.002934 by May 7th. In other words, the token experienced a whopping 1400% growth. 

The SpongeBob Token team decided not to go for a presale like other meme coins. Instead, the $SPONGE token was directly listed on Uniswap without any major social media advertising. This approach worked really well as the news about this new meme coin spread far and wide within the crypto community. This is also one of the reasons why $SPONGE exploded, despite dropping in value temporarily. 

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$SPONGE is Making Waves – Potential for 100x Gains

The meme coin market is filled with doge-themed meme coins, which has made the space a little saturated. But with the introduction of the SpongeBob Token, things have changed. The token was created as a tribute to SpongeBob, the Sponge-shaped cartoon character from the “SpongeBob SquarePants” television show. 

As a community-driven project, $SPONGE calls itself the “Krabby Patty of meme coins and shit coins”. This humorous approach has led it to attract significant attention from both big and small investors. 

After the success of Dogecoin and Pepecoin, the market has proved once again that a new meme coin like $SPONGE has climbed to the top. The response by the whales is very encouraging for other investors. By looking at these figures, it’s easy to see why SpongeBob Token is poised to beat Dogecoin.

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$SPONGE Gets Listed on and Bitget Exchanges

For every cryptocurrency project, listings are a tool for increasing exposure and impacting demand. When it comes to $SPONGE, the token has already been listed on some popular exchanges like BTCEX, Toobit, CoinW, LBank, Poloniex, and MEXC Global. This is an impressive feat considering the project is newly launched. 

SpongeBob Token has also added two new exchange listings to its name – and Bitget.  Both these exchanges are among the top 15 in terms of trading volumes. The combined weekly visitors of both exchanges are 5.2 million, which is great for increasing awareness for $SPONGE. 

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The exchanges mentioned above are all reputed among crypto traders, which is proof of the project’s legitimacy and potential to grow. SpongeBob Token has an interesting tokenomics model as well. Out of a total supply of 40.4 billion tokens, it has allocated 61% towards DEX liquidity, 29% towards unity, and 10% towards CEX liquidity. 

Dogecoin, which was once at the forefront of all meme coins, has now been reduced to smaller gains. The coin, which reached its high in May 2021, is now farther away from its value than at any other time in its history. On the other hand, $SPONGE has no plans for a presale, and will be listed directly on exchanges. 


Coins such as Pepecoin, Dogecoin and TURBO have been stirring up the meme coin market. They have been reviving a niche that is poised to grow. It has helped shine the spotlight on other meme coins as well. The latest listings on Bitget and have also encouraged many investors to flock to the new project. 

$SPONGE, which was launched when Pepecoin was experiencing growth, is in the best position to grow. The time is right to start investing in $SPONGE if you want to take advantage of unstoppable growth.