ChatGPT is not only seen as a revolutionary artificial intelligence chatbot developed by the OpenAI team, but it is also a trendsetter. People in different sectors, like finance, business, crypto, or other things, are obsessed with this brilliant chatbot.

In the crypto world specifically, ChatGPT has made quite a reputation for itself after showing its multiple use cases. ChatGPT continues to help crypto buyers understand the complexity of crypto projects, allowing them to make a sensible crypto purchase decision.

These days, ChatGPT has mastered the art of crypto price predictions, and so we bring you the 7 best cryptos to buy right now.

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Why pay attention to ChatGPT price predictions?

Before we present the best cryptos that ChatGPT suggests you buy now, we need to understand why these predictions are so important. According to experts and market analysts, these predictions are found to be somewhat accurate and overall the best for choosing which crypto to buy. This is why we present you with the 7 best cryptos that ChatGPT has selected to buy now.

  1. AiDoge ($AI)
  2. SpongeBob ($SPONGE)
  3. EcoTerra (ECOTERRA)
  4. yPredict (YPRED)
  5. DeeLance ($DLANCE)
  6. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)
  7. Near Protocol (NEAR)

But what are the reasons behind these suggestions? Let’s find out more about what these projects have to offer and realize their worth.

Getting to know the 7 best cryptos to buy at the earliest

The decision to buy any cryptocurrency can only be taken after you have understood its potential and future plans. Bearing that in mind, here are the 7 best cryptos to buy, along with their details that set them apart from everything else.

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AiDoge: the future of AI-generated memes

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Memes started as a joke, only to turn into a type of internet fascination that never seems to slow down for a second. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, has become just as popular as memes these days due to its accessibility. But what if these two highly expanding worlds could be joined? AiDoge is doing exactly that by building the first-ever AI-generated meme platform.

But why is AiDoge the best investment to make, according to ChatGPT? To understand that, we must look into what AiDoge brings as a budding presale crypto. With native AI tokens still up for grabs via the official meme coin platform, this project has already raised more than $8.5 million.

In less than 3 days, AiDoge will be entering the next stage of presale, where AI token prices will increase even more. But that’s not all. AiDoge is soon to be listed on multiple crypto exchanges, which will give an exponential boost to AI prices.

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SpongeBob: the number one community meme token

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The nostalgic yellow cartoon is back in the form of an extremely hyped community meme token, and ChatGPT predicts it’s the best crypto to buy. The fun and refreshing project of the SpongeBob token is employing an interesting approach to rule the market. This explains why ChatGPT added this project to its “best buy list.

Instead of taking the most common presale route, this company released its $SPONGE token on Uniswap directly. As a result, the prices are rallying fabulously. Analysts believe that according to calculations, SPONGE would easily do 500x ROI for early investors in the next few months.

Ecoterra: a sensational eco-friendly crypto with an R2E approach. 

For a very long time, the crypto industry has been stagnant when it comes to developments in eco-friendly projects. But now, Ecoterra is here to put things back on track with its new recycle-to-earn model. Using this, platform users and partners will be able to recycle particular materials and receive incentives in their place.

From every angle, Ecoterra is an all-round crypto project that is set to release its recycling tokens, called $ECOTERRA, and carbon offset marketplace soon enough. This project has already raised more than $3.8 million and is going to rise further in less than 4 days. So hurry and make it yours already.

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yPredict: Unlock an AI-powered approach to crypto investing

Crypto data analytics has always been a maze for most traders and crypto enthusiasts, but no more because of a new crypto analytics platform called yPredict. This AI-based advanced crypto data analytics platform would serve all those who dabble in crypto with its insights.

The aim of incorporating an AI algorithm in yPredict is to help it analyze market trends, sentiments, and even exchange data pulled directly. Its native $YPRED tokens are currently up for grabs via presale at a price that will keep rising.

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DeeLance: Step into the world of freelancing in the metaverse.

 The future of freelancing and recruitment is here, and its name is DeeLance. This is a metaverse-based platform where users can find work and get paid in crypto without paying any fees. DeeLance is launching as a unique competitor to existing international freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

The main aspects of DeeLance are not only zero platform fees but also instant payment release, transparency between clients and their freelancers, and security protocols in place. Start by investing in the DeeLance presale to reap the highest gains in the future.

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Launchpad XYZ: The all-in-one stage for Web 3.0 project development 

Launchpad XYZ has started making a buzz in the emerging Web3 market as a hub for everything in the app development community. This project will provide a number of tools to bring forth the widespread adoption of Web3 in the near future. Its native token, $LPX, has substantial use cases such as unlocking tools and features to completely utilize the Launchpad XYZ platform. If you are looking to invest in a massively growing project, then don’t forget to buy $LPX.

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Near Protocol: A community-run cloud computing platform

Near Protocol has been on the market for several years now, and since then, it has built quite a reputation for itself. This decentralized development platform is completely open-source and allows DApp creation effectively. Despite BTC falling, NEAR token prices are showing positive signs, making it a safe buy.

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Bottom line

ChatGPT predictions are seldom wrong, but this time analysts and experienced traders are doubling down on these 7 cryptos because of their potential, future plans, and presale success.