Experienced crypto traders know that new coins that appear on listings are often the best investment options with the highest growth potential. Moreover, the most popular paid crypto analytics platforms have a feature that alerts users every time a new cryptocurrency appears on the market. 

Newly released digital assets usually explode during the first week, leading to massive returns for all early investors. The $SPONGE token, inspired by the popular cartoon character SpongeBob, is the latest meme coin that experienced a massive price boost after its initial listing. But what is the $SPONGE token, and do top crypto investors agree it’s one of the best cryptos to invest in right now? Keep reading as we answer these questions and look at what the newest meme coin offers.

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The Big Return of Meme Coins

Meme coins were and still are an essential part of most cryptocurrency traders’ wallets. Popular options from the past, including Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and countless others, still have market caps measured in billions of dollars. Still, their prices have stabilized, and they’ll never be able to match the growth they had in the past.

However, those meme coins paved the way for a niche of similar tokens designed mainly for entertainment. Unfortunately, the lack of utilization and real-world use cases prevent meme coins from reaching a wider audience, but that is slowly changing in 2023, with the introduction of countless new meme coins such as $PEPE, $AI, $TURBO, and, of course, $SPONGE.

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Highly-Anticipated $SPONGE Token Explodes After Listing on Uniswap – More Listings Coming Shortly

Meme coins (like most other altcoins) usually go through a presale phase that allows investors to purchase tokens at a massive discount months before the first CEX/DEX listings. It’s standard practice that worked for dozens of projects in the past, but the creators of the $SPONGE token decided to take an entirely different approach.

Instead of doing things the standard way, they launched the $SPONGE token without fanfare or online advertising. The tokens became available on Uniswap decentralized exchange at a starting price of $0.000073. In less than three days, $SPONGE tokens increased in value by as much as 75%, resulting in one of the most significant price pumps in the crypto environment in 2023. While the price dropped by over 50% since the all-time high, $SPONGE tokens are one of the favorite options in meme coin markets. 

All this happened after only one listing, within three days. Considering that $SPONGE tokens are currently in talks with other leading cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance, and their appearance on MEXC Global and Poloniex, the future looks bright for all token holders. In fact, $SPONGE tokens are being advertised by the top crypto influencers online and have appeared in countless crypto news articles in the past week. The hype is real, and if things work out as expected, $SPONGE could become the next big thing in the crypto meme space.

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Why Are $SPONGE Tokens A Good Investment Option?

SpongeBob’s sudden appearance sparked massive interest in the crypto community. The new meme coin platform reached the very top of the crypto list on CoinMarketCap, giving the crypto more exposure while leading to explosive growth. $SPONGE tokens already resulted in 76x gains for early investors, and even though you’ve missed the chance to multiply your investment during the initial bull run, you should still consider investing in the token. 

If the current price predictions come true, $SPONGE tokens could still lead to massive gains in 2023 and beyond. So, let’s see what makes this token an excellent long-term investment option.

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Massive Return Potential

$SPONGE tokens were on a mini bull-run days after going live on Uniswap. So naturally, the news spread throughout the community as wildfire, attracting investors in mass. That alone is enough evidence that the newest meme coin platform is made according to the best industry practices. While $SPONGE lost around 50% of its all-time highs, the interest in the token is still growing, so it’s likely to outperform all expectations shortly.

Meme Coin With High-End Liquidity

$PEPE tokens have revived interest in meme tokens, but their poor utilization and high token supply will likely turn them into another obsolete token in the following months. $SPONGE devs, on the other hand, came prepared, so they released the coin with a lower supply and better token management mechanisms. In short, investing in $SPONGE tokens is safer, more profitable, and less risky than $PEPE and other upcoming meme coins with poorly designed features.

More Exchange Listings Will Push The Price Higher

$SPONGE token price exploded out of nowhere, as the coins appeared on Uniswap’s DEX without any advertising. As a result, the coins quickly increased in value by almost 80 times. $SPONGE tokens have since become available on MEXC Global and are in talks with Bitget, Gate.io, and countless other major crypto exchanges. Therefore, $SPONGE tokens will likely keep growing as the news about the platform spreads to a broader audience.

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Growing Community

The community around this project is growing faster than any other meme coin community in 2023. Moreover, the $SPONGE token doesn’t have high gas fees like $PEPE, for example, which makes it an excellent investment option. 

Supported By Top Digital Wallets

SpongeBob tokens can be bought on multiple exchanges and directly on the official site. You don’t need more than a few seconds to purchase and transfer the tokens to your wallet. Furthermore, $SPONGE is supported by all ETH-based wallets, giving it massive potential in the long run.

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Final Words

Compared to the beginnings of popular meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, $SPONGE launched out of nowhere, creating massive hype that could help it become the new King of memes. On the outside, it’s just another meme coin platform, but when we look at things up close, $SPONGE offers impressive liquidity and volume and already has a huge market cap. Visit the official site for more information, and invest in the hottest new meme coin today to get the highest returns in the future.

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