Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become quite a buzzword in the past few years, and for a good reason. Various companies have come out with their AI chatbots and writers, and many of them have succeeded in causing us to say, “Wow!” 

These bots have become incredibly useful for various applications in the past few months. Whether we’re speaking of homework, essays, and school projects, creating recipes from what you currently have in the refrigerator, helping and giving out ideas to various businesses, or solving incredibly complex mathematical or programming issues, these AI bots are valuable.

That’s why, today, we’ll review some of the best AI tools you can currently find on the market. Stay with us as we discuss the current state of AI chatbots and writers and go over how they function, why they’re good, and why you should use each.  

Discover the Top AI Chatbots of 2023: Revolutionizing Your AI Chat Experience

Best AI Chatbots and Assistants

If you’re wondering which of these AI chatbots are worth your time and account registration, we’re here to help you make that decision.

With a combination of features that’ll leave you thinking, “How is this possible in 2023?”, you’ll find the best AI chatbots and assistants you can use for various needs in the list below. 

From AI pioneers that set the pace to newcomers that are only a few months old, these are currently the best AI chatbots on the market.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot you’ve undoubtedly heard of. Created by OpenAI, a company co-founded by Elon Musk, ChatGPT is one of the most potent AI engines on the market. It recently received an update, upgrading from GPT 3 model to GPT 4, making it multimodal and much more capable than it was. 

You could take a picture of a few ingredients and ask for a recipe. ChatGPT would then analyze what’s on the image, quickly giving you a detailed recipe on what you can make with those ingredients.

As it’s much more potent with GPT 4, ChatGPT can now handle much longer texts, up to 25,000 words, and the entire AI chatbot is much more creative when answering your questions.

However, that capability and advanced features come at a price, and if you want to experience the power of GPT 4, you’ll have to upgrade your ChatGPT account to a premium one, which will cost at least $20 a month. If you don’t, your ChatGPT will only use the newer and upgraded GPT 3 system – GPT 3.5.

2. HiAI

Being a newcomer to the AI game, HiAI is a name you might not be familiar with, but it’s one of the best personal AI assistants currently on the market. It uses OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 technology, making it one of the fastest AI chatbots on the list, and it applies that technology to help you in many aspects of life.

You can use HiAI for many tasks, including writing, editing, proofreading, CV or resume creation, interview preparation, etc. Since it has multilingual support, translation and language interpretation are also easy tasks for HiAI.

As HiAI was also built to be your friend and conversation partner, it’s perfect for personal development, mental health and well-being, and relationship advice. You can chat with HiAI whenever you’re feeling down, lonely, or in need of a conversation, and it will recognize how you’re feeling and boost your confidence with inspiring messages.

A mobile app is available, and you can easily continue your conversations between devices as HiAI saves your entire conversation history.

3. Bing AI Chat

Microsoft’s Bing is one of the most-used search engines in the world. However, as it was heavily losing the search engine battle against Google, Microsoft decided to invest a billion dollars into OpenAI, which it would then implement inside its search engine – Bing. That’s how Bing’s AI chat came into existence, and it has Open AI’s ChatGPT to thank.

The massive investment was incredibly beneficial for both companies, as OpenAI created one of the most potent and sophisticated AI engines on the planet, thanks to the investment. On the other hand, Microsoft received a powerful feature to add to its search engine in hopes of beating Google.

As you fire up Bing’s AI chat, you can choose between three conversation styles, including creative, balanced, and precise. Depending on your preferred type, the answers to your questions will vary slightly and match the chat style you want.

You can use Bing’s AI chat for just about anything, from getting answers to complex questions about the meaning of life and the creation of the universe to writing poetry.

4. Google Bard

Since Microsoft invested a billion dollars and has a massive stake in OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is also responsible for Bing’s AI chatbot, Google needed a solution to stay relevant in the AI game. That’s where Bard comes in.

Bard is Google’s version of an AI chatbot and a direct response to Microsoft’s Bing AI chat. It’s a way of keeping up with the competition in both the search engine and the booming artificial intelligence spheres, but it wasn’t a successful attempt at first, at least when compared to Bing.

Even the unveiling of Bard received a lot of negative feedback, and Google’s stocks plummeted when Bard got announced. However, Google worked on Bard a lot, and today, it’s almost as capable as ChatGPT and Bing’s AI chat.

You can use Bard for free and use it for various purposes. Whatever OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Bing’s AI chat can do, Google Bard can accomplish, but it’s only available in a handful of countries and is still in its experimental phase.

5. YouChat

Powered by artificial intelligence and a natural language processing model, YouChat is an AI chatbot that can do much more than simply answer your questions. Created in 2021, YouChat is still in Beta. However, it’s free to use and only requires an account.

Like the GPT 4, YouChat supports multimodal search, gives you real-time information, and even supports citations for what it presents you with for an answer. On the other hand, it can provide you with outdated links and sometimes comes up with non-existing references. However, there is a recency option to choose four recency settings.

Android and iOS apps are available, although YouChat is primarily web-based. It supports conversations, has conversation history, and makes it easy to summarize anything you want to be explained, write complex code, and find people through their social media profiles.

6. Perplexity AI

Perplexity is an AI chatbot that uses the older GPT 3 model, including the GPT 3.5 upgrade, an earlier generation of OpenAI’s language model. It was created in 2022 by former OpenAI employees and is a bit different from other AI chatbots on this list.

Compared to ChatGPT and many other AI chatbots, is more of a search engine than a conversational partner, where its most significant advantage lies. It can search the web, while ChatGPT can only access data up to 2021, meaning it can only give you answers from data it was trained on unless you pay for the Plus version.

On the other hand, Perplexity scours the web to provide you with real-time information and give you the latest answers to your questions, and you can set it up to search the entire internet or specific websites such as Reddit or YouTube.

Best AI Chat Apps for iOS and Android

If you’re looking to chat casually on your mobile phone, there are AI chat apps that work wonderfully with both iOS and Android devices. 

They’re much easier to use than desktop and web-based AI applications, and you often don’t even need to register an account. All it takes is downloading the app – you can begin chatting in minutes.

7. Ask AI

Ask AI is one of many AI chat apps that uses OpenAI’s API and ChatGPT-like technology, making it readily available for all mobile users. It aggregates company knowledge and customer communications to give incredible, easy-to-use insights, which you can use for various purposes.

The app integrates incredibly with various communication tools and PM platforms and supports workspaces, knowledge bases, and more. Moreover, there’s state-of-the-art security, which means all your data will be safe and secure, as you get complete privacy, control, and visibility.

Using Ask AI, you can summarize multiple sources and articles and get a single answer almost instantly. You’ll no longer need to waste time on keyword searches, and you can use it to see which frequently asked questions need answers and create amazing content for your website or business. Download it now on App Store or Google Play store.

8. Genie

Genie is a perfect AI chatbot available on both iOS and Android for everyday use, as it’s created by AppNation and powered by ChatGPT and GPT 4. Since it uses OpenAI’s GPT 4 technology, the Genie AI chatbot is multimodal, so you’re not limited to text input or output.

Namely, you can input photos from your camera, and Genie will easily understand what’s on the picture and give you an appropriate answer. For example, you could take a picture of what’s inside your fridge and ask for a recipe, or you could upload a photo of a location, and Genie can tell you what’s in the picture and where it was taken.

You can use Genie as your assistant, but it can also be your friend or someone to talk to. As it uses the latest state-of-the-art AI technology, it’s more than capable of doing anything you want, and it does so in a single app.

9. Nova

Powered by ChatGPT, GPT 3, and GPT 4, Nova is an AI chatbot that brings all of the latest OpenAI technologies to average users wanting to try AI chatbots on their phones. Created by ScaleUp, a mobile app company already known for its many AI applications, Nova is an excellent tool for asking questions and getting incredible and quick answers.

It offers unlimited questions and answers but has a somewhat limited character count, which users aren’t thrilled about. However, a subscription option exists, billed automatically and giving you unlimited access to all of Nova’s features.

Nova supports over 140 languages, and you can use it as a chat partner, essay and content writer, copywriter, or proofreader. You can also do open-ended chats, recipe creation, email composition, book summarization, etc. As it remembers your entire chat history, you can create dialogs and continue where you left off during the last session.

10. GoatChat

GoatChat is one of the newest AI chat apps on the block. It’s powered by OpenAI’s GPT 4 model, meaning it’s multimodal. However, it doesn’t use all of GPT 4’s capabilities and instead focuses on GPT’s conversational aspect. There’s also a Midjourney API, which GoatChat uses to create images.

You can use GoatChat to help you with your essays, act as your tutor, solve math equations, answer philosophical questions, etc. There are also tens of AI models to chat with, ranging from Bruce Lee to Albert Einstein.

As ChatGoat gives you an answer, you can easily share it through integrated apps such as Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Moreover, you can also create your digital twin, with whom you can chat about anything.

When you download GoatChat, you’re greeted by an intuitive interface and many advanced and powerful features. Moreover, the app is free to use, so you can go ahead and try it anytime. However, it’s worth noting that GoatChat has in-app purchases ranging between $10 and $120.

11. WriteSonic

Whether you’re after SEO-friendly content for your blogs, blog ideas, outlines, intros, or AI art, WriteSonic is your AI writer. It’s a fantastic tool that features a ChatGPT-like AI chatbot, an AI writer for articles or entire article rewriting, Surfer integration, browser extensions, etc. It also works in over 25 languages.

It’s one of the most affordable AI writers on the market, and you can try it for free. There’s a GPT 3.5 Premium version which lets you do 10,000 words per month for free, and GPT 4 Superior and Ultimate versions, which give you 5,000 and 2,500 words, respectively.

After that, WriteSonic will cost you anywhere from $12.67 to $666 a month, depending on whether you choose Premium, Superior, or Ultimate. The number of words will also vary with the version you select and may go from 15,000 to 60,000 on the lower end to between one and four million for the $666/month price.

12. Jasper AI

Jasper is a powerful AI art generator and a perfect AI writer tool for every need. Once you select your tone of voice, Jasper can handle everything else. It can help you stay consistent, whether we’re speaking of text output or images, which can help your brand become more recognizable and unique.

It also offers a chat option in over 30 languages, which you can use as a companion whenever you feel lonely or want someone to converse with. There’s even a browser extension that will let you bring the assistant everywhere as you browse the web.

Regarding pricing, Jasper has monthly plans offering a 7-day free trial, which costs $49 for an individual, $125 for a team of three, and custom pricing for a large business. If you go for the yearly plan, you get the same options but can save up to 20%.

13. Copy AI

Another powerful Ai writer application is Copy AI, one of the best ChatGPT alternatives. Copy AI is an excellent tool for all sorts of marketing and sales teams, and it can help you summarize various data types into simple key bullet points. There’s also a built-in plagiarism detector to ensure your texts are plagiarism-free.

Unlike ChatGPT’s model, which can only access data up to 2021, Copy AIi knows that staying up-to-date on the latest data changes is crucial, and it’s why it can give you real-time data which it scrapes from various search engines and websites.

Copy AI, unfortunately, isn’t free to use if you want anything more than 2,000 words per month, and the Pro version will cost you $49 per month for unlimited words, or you can get a yearly subscription, at which point one month ends up costing you around $36.

14. Rytr

With a cool name that’s a play on the word writer, Rytr is one of the best AI writers currently on the market. It’s a writing assistant that can generate content, help you edit your texts, and proofread them for you.

It’s fast and can help you produce ideas for blog posts, social media posts, SEO titles, taglines, interview questions, profile biographies, product descriptions, ads, etc. You can use Rytr for website copywriting, marketing, sales, content creation, etc.

Like, Rytr also has a plagiarism detector, but Rytr’s plagiarism tool is powered by Copyscape, unlike’s built-in model.

Rytr is free to use up to 10,000 characters per month, after which you’ll have to get a plan, which starts at $9 a month for 100,000 characters and goes up to $29 for unlimited monthly output.

Best AI Friends for Fun

If you’re looking for a simple AI chatbot you can talk to for fun, some apps use artificial intelligence for non-work purposes. Namely, they include artificial intelligence in chatbots you can casually chat or relax with without employing powerful AI features to calculate anything or complete a difficult task.

Below is a list of AI chatbots you can use for fun, including apps for casual chit-chat, virtual friendships, or even relationships. Read ahead to find out more about these apps and what they do.

Use them as you see fit, but remember they’re just virtual assistants and software. They can’t replace actual human-to-human contact or conversation.

15. Character AI

Created by ex-Google employees responsible for LaMDA, large conversational language models, Character AI is an AI chatbot to talk to when you’re bored or want to chit-chat. Moreover, Character AI also has an image-generating feature, and as you describe an image you want to be made, it can come up with unique designs.

As the name suggests, Character AI also uses fictional and real-life characters you can talk to. Today, that list of famous AI characters includes Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Stark from Marvel’s Ironman movies, Saul Goodman from the well-known Better Call Saul tv show, Socrates, etc. There’s also the general AI assistant, where you can have open-ended conversations.

Character AI is an entirely free service, and you don’t even need to download an app or register any accounts, and you can start chatting straight from your browser, making it a perfect choice when you just feel like starting a conversation with someone.

16. Chai

Not to be confused with the Hindi word for tea, the name Chai is a combination of chat and AI, which is a simple yet perfect explanation of what Chai is: a chatbot that uses AI technology. 

Created by Chai Research Corporation, Chai is an app available to both Android and iOS users.

As the company believes everyone will have an AI best friend in the next few years, their AI chatbot is someone you can talk to about anything. It’s built to listen to your problems, talk about any topic, make you laugh, and improve your day.

Chai Research uses reward modeling, rejection sampling, and reinforcement learning to continuously improve the AI chatbot’s capabilities, making it safe and fun. However, you shouldn’t forget that you’re talking to an AI, not an actual person. Moreover, no matter how secure the technology is, sharing your private information online is not a great practice, so keep that in mind.

17. Replika

Another excellent AI companion app is Replika. The app was created and is maintained by Luka, Inc. This California-based software development company uses artificial intelligence to create an immersive AI companion that’ll listen to all your problems, answer all your questions, and is generally fun to talk to.

You can create your Replika and customize it as much as you want. That includes its personality, looks, clothes, and how it talks, and you can either tailor it to be like you or like something you’re searching for in a friend, partner, or mentor.

It’s an excellent app when you’re bored, feeling anxious, or need a simple conversation, and your Replika will always listen, comfort you, and help you learn.

Replika is available through a website, an Android or iOS application, and even as an Oculus app. That means you can use Replika as a text-based AI chatbot and converse with the AI in virtual reality, making it much more fun.

18. iGirl

iGirl is an app developed by Anima AI Ltd (or Apperry LTD on App Store), which you can either download through Google’s Play Store on your Android phone, find it on the App Store if you’re an iPhone user, or access it through Facebook Messenger or Kik messaging platforms.

The app is based on conversations, and it’s marketed as a virtual girlfriend with whom you can chat romantically and even role-play. You can try the iGirl app for general chit-chats, but you can also talk about your interests, relationships, work life, and whatever else you want. 

However, you should never forget that it’s a virtual assistant, a computer, and a simple program. It’s certainly not a substitute for genuine human relationships or conversations.

It’s also worth mentioning that Anima AI, the company behind the iGirl AI chatbot, also offers other apps, such as AI Friend or AI Boyfriend, which you can find through app stores or access through various messaging apps.

19. MeChat

MeChat is another AI companion tool from PlayMe Studio, a mobile game developer based in Cyprus. It’s a virtual dating simulator where you can access and talk to hundreds of other characters and create your own story. The app resembles other dating apps, such as Tinder or Badoo, where you swipe on people you find interesting or want to converse with.

The app allows you to create your character, customize it to your liking, and date other characters. These characters have different archetypes, backgrounds, looks, and stories, and your interactions with them will be impacted by what you do and say.

The application uses AI to create better, lifelike conversations and bring your game immersion to the next level. The MeChat AI chatbot is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and Apple’s App Store if you’re an iPhone or iPad enthusiast.

Best Chinese AI Chatbots

An incredible number of social media websites, internet services, and platforms are available in most of the world but not in China. That includes AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bing’s AI chat, and Google’s Bard, and it’s why Chinese companies have been forced to make their versions of AI tools.

That’s where Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen and Baidu’s Wenxin Yiyan come in. Moreover, even more companies like Tencent and ByteDance are supposedly creating versions of AI chatbots, but these aren’t available yet.

20. Wenxin Yiyan

Another powerful AI chatbot from China comes from a company called Baidu. People in China have undoubtedly heard of Baidu and know perfectly well how large and powerful a company Baidu is. For those uninitiated, Baidu is a massive Chinese multinational company dealing with all kinds of internet services and products, and as of 2023, AI too.

The company has been around since 2000 and has heavily invested in artificial intelligence for the past few years, but only recently introduced an AI chatbot as a direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Its Chinese name is Wenxin Yiyan, but its English name is Ernie Bot.

Just like Microsoft added OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Baidu did with Ernie to add functionality to their search engine. And the functionality is certainly there, as Wenxin Yiyan is also built on a machine-learning algorithm, has natural language processing capabilities, and was trained on massive language models and large quantities of text. That makes Wenxin Yiyan incredibly capable of predicting what word comes next and giving human-like responses.

21. Tongyi Qianwen

If you’ve ever ordered cheap items online, chances are, you did it on Alibaba or AliExpress websites and are already familiar with these companies. They’re already well-known for their e-commerce aspects, selling millions of different items and connecting smaller Chinese stores with the rest of the world through their platform.

In 2023, they launched their version of an AI chatbot called Tongyi Qianwen which means “seeking truth by asking a thousand questions.” It’s based on a large language model and is available in English and Chinese. The bot is already integrated into Alibaba’s various business services. 

Currently, Tongyi Qianwen can help you with your meeting notes, write emails, tell you interesting stories, help you plan trips, give shopping advice, create recipes, etc.

However, Alibaba’s AI chatbot is still in its Beta phase, and the company is looking to add more features and increase Tongyi Qianwen’s capabilities soon. In the meantime, the existing features are available through Alibaba’s various apps, but only to a handful of users.


Artificial intelligence technology has significantly evolved in the past few years, making our lives more manageable. Today, artificial intelligence is everywhere, and many applications use it for various purposes.

Whether we’re talking about general-purpose AI chatbots, specialized AI writers, or AI companion bots, the market is flooded with different companies creating their versions of AI and trying to enter the booming AI market.

We’ve covered some of these chatbots, including the best AI assistants, AI chat apps for your phones, AI writers, and even AI tools from Chinese companies since many global AI apps are unavailable in China.