Usually, people actively trading crypto and investing in emerging crypto presales avoid an “all-in-one” opportunity. The only reason is that these are too good to be true and thus not a smart investment opportunity. But Web 3.0 projects have a massive appeal that piques every investor’s curiosity. That’s what Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) is all about.

Launchpad XYZ is a new entry that joined the race of Web 3.0 cryptos a while back, but it has managed to outperform them all. This is the only project pointing out that Web 3.0 is fractured, which reduces user involvement and adoption. People are getting the wrong idea about the metaverse due to several middlemen, stifling its growth.

But what if there was a state-of-the-art solution to all these drawbacks in the form of a comprehensive Web 3.0 hub? Welcome to Launchpad, which is bringing a human approach to the technical adversities present in the world of Web 3.0. Ever since Launchpad XYZ ($LPX) made its public debut, investors and supporters have been flocking towards it. Let’s figure out why.

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Web 3.0 Crypto Projects Will Remain

According to top news sites, Web 3.0 is supposed to be an NFT rebranding strategy that has little to no chance of ever making it. But there are numerous sources, expert studies, and analytical reviews that justify the hype around Web 3.0. Most people just lack clarity on this subject and consider it a hoax because it’s hard to wrap their minds around.

If Web 3.0 wasn’t here to make some real difference, then Silicon Valley investors and techpreneurs wouldn’t invest so heavily in it. According to major publications, Web 3.0 investments have only grown in the past, which is an encouraging point. The shift from the current internet to a decentralized one will give users the independence to pursue what they want.

So, if you doubt whether it’ll be a good investment, then remember that Web3 is here to stay. Which takes us to Launchpad XYZ, as this project aims to build an all-in-one Web3 platform to make the space easier and more accessible for all.

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Launchpad XYZ: the Ultimate Web 3.0 Investment in 2023

It has been just a few weeks since Launchpad XYZ started the first presale stage to gain support from early investors and build a community. The idea is to fund the formal launch and exchange listing for the LPX token after concluding the presale. Being one of the newest Web3 presales, Launchpad has successfully raised more than $310,000 in stage 1.

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 Here are a few aspects that make Launchpad XYZ the ultimate Web3 investment for 100x:

  • Human touch

The most attractive thing about Launchpad XYZ is the humanized portal to something as vague and complex as Web3. While every other emerging crypto team talks about working on something revolutionary, very few of them are justified. Launchpad XYZ is not building a fancy application or something, but it is developing a home for Web3. This home will provide easy access to Web3 projects and self-custody capability.

  • Web3 Wallets

One of the many exciting offerings announced by the team at Launchpad XYZ is their Web3 wallet. From the official whitepaper, we have gathered that this wallet could be an important project highlight. Firstly, the Web3 wallets offered by Launchpad XYZ can be created using the mobile numbers of email addresses. Secondly, these can be used to swap tokens, self-custody assets, use dApps, browse Web3, and sign into Web3 services etc.

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  • Metaverse Library

Ever wondered what would happen if an entire library of metaverses was available for you to browse through? Launchpad XYZ has made it possible for everyone obsessed with the growing popularity and demand of the metaverse. Through its metaverse experience library, Launchpad XYZ users can pick any suitable platform and find new brand experiences. 

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) angle

There would hardly be a crypto enthusiast or investor who hasn’t heard of or experienced P2E. That’s why the team behind Launchpad XYZ has added a Play-to-Earn game hub into its design, where all available options can help users earn passive income. What’s even more interesting is that users may choose to watch others play as well.

  • Explosive Token Presale

And last but not least, Launchpad XYZ is creating buzz all over the crypto market with its explosive crypto presale. As the presale success keeps growing, it’s causing investors to understand why Launchpad XYZ is such a big opportunity that they wouldn’t want to miss. Apart from its own presale progress, the project, once launched, will allow users to participate in other presales.

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Invest in revolutionary digital asset to gain 100x by 2024

Most importantly, the revenue model of the entire Launchpad XYZ is based on its unique native token, $LPX. It will be used throughout the Launchpad XYZ Web3 hub as listing fees. Other utilities include buying and selling. These are a few reasons why we are seeing Launchpad XYZ climb up the chart as one of the fastest-growing presales.

The Launchpad XYZ team understands the demand for real-world assets. Therefore, it is incorporating fractionalized assets for users to buy and sell parts of real-world assets. For trading purposes, Launchpad XYZ will also be launching a decentralized exchange.

Wrapping up – Buy $LPX and enter the hub of Web 3.0 First

While other so-called Web3 crypto projects offer a pipedream and incomplete access to a world of possibilities, Launchpad XYZ is preparing for a comprehensive Web3 ecosystem. After the first stage of the presale is complete, the $LPX token price will increase substantially. 

So now is a great time to buy $LPX before it gets expensive. So what’re you waiting for? Go ahead to the Launchpad XYZ website and buy $LPX using ETH, BNB, and USDT.