Every weight loss enthusiast must have heard about intermittent fasting and its efficacy in preventing excess weight gain. Even doctors recommend trying fasting for their obese patients.

The entire concept of intermittent fasting involves a person switching between fasting or skipping a meal once a day to following a regular eating schedule the next day. This process has incredible power to reduce your calorie intake.

But what if we told you that voluntary fasting is not enough and that your body needs some form of added help to actively boost the process of fat burning during fasting?

Well, when you fast, your body automatically fires up the fat-burning system in an attempt to fill you up with energy that would have been provided if you had stuck to your regular eating schedule. However, your body will be deprived of nourishment too during this process.

So, we have found a supplement called Fast Lean Pro that would take up the task of nourishing your body when you fast and also help your basal metabolic rate to burn more calories simultaneously. Sounds interesting right?

Fast Lean Pro uses 11 natural ingredients to provide you with weight loss benefits. These ingredients are not randomly selected, they have scientific backing and have been clinically tested to check whether or not the benefits they claim to provide are real.

Moreover, the fact that Fast Lean Pro has been manufactured in the USA in an FDA-approved facility to ensure that the final product is formulated in a sterile environment, makes the supplement even more trustworthy.

The Fast Lean Pro reviews given by real customers seem to be positive as well. So, you can be assured that the supplement is indeed helpful for the general population. Just following the recommended dosage can create wonders for your body.

In our opinion, Fast Lean Pro’s concept and effects are well-established and genuine. If the supplement looks as real to you as it does to us, keep reading our review to figure out how it works and how it can help.

Product Name:

Fast Lean Pro

Product Category:

Weight Loss Supplements

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Product Description:

Fast Lean Pro is a herbal dietary supplement that ensures proper weight loss by making you feel satiated and full.

Total-Content Per Container:


Recommended Dosage:

1 scoop twice daily.




Sukre, Fibersol 2, Niacin, Biogenic Polyamine Complex, Chromium, and Vitamin B12.

Side Effects:

None reported


  • One jar of the supplement will cost $69
  • Three jars of this weight loss powder will cost $177.
  • Finally, six jars of the supplement will cost $294.

Money-Back Guarantee:

60 days

Official Website:


The Creation Of Fast Lean Pro

The creators of Fast Lean Pro were astounded when they heard that a team of Japanese scientists have discovered a ‘fasting switch’ that makes shedding extra pounds easier during an intermittent fast.

Apparently, this switch lies dormant within our body and a blend of certain herbal extracts can activate it. This switch has the potential to actively trick your brain into thinking that your stomach is full when you are fasting. This trick makes it easier for the body’s metabolic rate to burn the stored calories.

The makers of Fast Lean Pro wanted to create a supplement that would turn this switch on and therefore, they conducted extensive research on the herbal components and their effects on overall human health.

Once it was confirmed that the ingredients are safe, the ratio in which they would be added was determined. After this, the Fast Lean Pro blend was created and subjected to quality checks to ensure that it does not cause additional harm to the body.

After passing all the tests, Fast Lean Pro was released and now the weight loss industry has one of the most effective supplements.

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What Is The Working Mechanism Of The Fast Lean Pro Powder?

Now, we move on to the most important part of our article- learning how Fast Lean Pro works. Well, the working mechanism of the supplement is very simple. The unique blend of the powder tricks your cognitive system into thinking your belly is satiated.

You can try fasting while consuming the supplement or stick to a healthy diet that can further advance the effects of the supplement. Either way, the herbal components in the powder will ensure a healthy metabolic rate and a good gut microbiome.

Certain herbs in Fast Lean Pro can accelerate the fat-burning mechanism and you will find yourself losing the stubborn fat around your belly and thighs. Additionally, Fast Lean Pro can also promote the regeneration of new cells and the elimination of old and dead cells. This process is also known as autophagy.

Autophagy can eliminate harmful toxins from the body, which further helps your internal fat-burning power to carefully process the extra calories. Furthermore, the process of autophagy can also reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s and colorectal cancer. So, in a word, we can say that the working mechanism of Fast Lean Pro can provide cognitive benefits as well.

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What Are The Potential Health Benefits One Can Experience With Fast Lean Pro?

In this section, we will discuss the advertised health benefits of Fast Lean Pro.

Promotes Cell Rejuvenation

Unlike other weight loss supplements, Fast Lean Pro’s formula can effectively support new cell growth and propagation. As your body begins to grow new cells, the dead cells are eliminated and along with them your body also flushes out all the environmental toxins.

These environmental toxins are very harmful if you are on a weight loss journey. So eliminating them along with the old and dead cells is necessary.

Suppresses Appetite

One of the most important benefits offered by Fast Lean Pro is the suppression of appetite. The weight loss powder is different from other appetite suppressants and its primary area of focus is making you believe that you are full. So, the ingredients in the blend promote this feeling to keep you away from munching on junk food.

This benefit ensures that you stop consuming excess calories so that your body can focus on dissolving the existing stubborn fat. Multiple Fast Lean Pro reviews have mentioned this benefit and how it has resulted in faster weight loss.

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Lowers Ghrelin Levels

Ghrelin, which is also known as ‘The Hunger Hormone’, can rise when you follow a weight loss diet for a long period. Thankfully, Fast Lean Pro is here to help. The herbs in this powder have the power to lower the levels of ghrelin.

Ghrelin can also cause excessive abdominal fat and back pain, so with Fast Lean Pro you can bid farewell to all the negative effects of this notorious hormone.

Prevents A Sudden Spike In Cholesterol

Weight gain can cause a significant rise in bad cholesterol levels which further blocks your blood vessels and increases the chances of a heart attack.

This is why the makers of Fast Lean Pro have added natural components that can significantly reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and widen the arteries and blood vessels to facilitate better blood flow to and from the heart. Thus, reducing the risk of heart blockages and attacks.

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What Are The Natural Ingredients In Fast Lean Pro?

In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the ingredients in Fast Lean Pro and how they can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Purified Acacia Hydrolysate

Purified Acacia Hydrolysate promotes weight loss in several ways. First, it is a source of dietary fiber, which can help increase feelings of fullness and reduce appetite. Fiber also slows down the digestion of carbohydrates, which can help regulate blood sugar levels and prevent spikes in insulin.

Additionally, the oligosaccharides in it have been shown to have prebiotic properties. Prebiotics are substances that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which can have a positive impact on overall health and metabolism.

In fact, one study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology found that participants who consumed Purified Acacia Hydrolysate had a significant reduction in body fat percentage compared to a control group.

Fibersol 2

One of the core mechanisms of Fibersol-2 is its ability to help reduce post-meal blood glucose and insulin response. When we consume carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose, which enters our bloodstream and causes our blood sugar levels to rise.

This, in turn, triggers the release of insulin, which helps to transport glucose into our cells. However, if our body produces too much insulin, it can lead to insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Fibersol-2 works by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestine, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce insulin spikes. This can help to prevent insulin resistance and promote weight loss. Additionally, Fibersol-2 has been shown to help reduce hunger and cravings, which can further support weight loss efforts.

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A study published in the Journal of Lipid Research in 2002 investigated the effects of niacin on adipose tissue (fat tissue) metabolism in rats. The study found that niacin increased the breakdown of triglycerides (a type of fat) in adipose tissue, leading to a decrease in fat accumulation in the body.

Niacin works by activating an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL), which is responsible for breaking down triglycerides in adipose tissue. This results in the release of fatty acids, which can then be used by the body for energy.

Biogenic Polyamine Complex

Biogenic polyamine complex is a group of naturally occurring compounds that are found in various foods, such as fruits and vegetables. These compounds play important roles in many biological processes, including cell growth and development, immune function, and gene expression. The active components in biogenic polyamine complex include putrescine, spermidine, and spermine.

It helps promote weight loss in several ways. First, it has been shown to increase energy expenditure, which means that the body burns more calories throughout the day. This is due to the fact that biogenic polyamine complex activates brown adipose tissue, which is a type of fat that burns calories to generate heat.

Moreover, biogenic polyamine complexes have been shown to improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This complex has been shown to increase the uptake of glucose into cells, which helps regulate blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance.


Fast Lean Pro contains chromium as one of its key ingredients because of its potential to support weight loss and fat burning. Chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, and suppress appetite, all of which are crucial factors in weight loss.

Furthermore, chromium has been found to have a synergistic effect with other weight-loss ingredients, such as shukre, niacin, green tea extract, and caffeine. Studies have shown that a combination of chromium, green tea extract, and caffeine can help to increase fat burning and promote weight loss.

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How Should Fast Lean Pro Be Consumed?

According to the main website, you should mix one scoop of dietary powder with your daily beverage or regular water and consume it twice. You can add it to your green tea as well because green tea already has weight loss effects which would work synergistically with Fast Lean Pro’s ingredients.

What Are The Customers Saying About Fast Lean Pro?- Real Fast Lean Pro Reviews

The main website and Google are receiving several Fast Lean Pro reviews. We’ll quote some of them below so you can understand how the supplement is helping people.

Kathy’s Fast Lean Pro review says, “I am very happy with the outcome of the Fast Lean Pro supplement. I have been working out, fasting, and eating healthy but I knew I needed a little extra help and that is when I tried this supplement. The weight started coming off and my body is starting to transform into a healthier version of me!”

Another Fast Lean Pro review reads, “I have tried many different weight loss supplements in the past but none of them were able to keep me committed. I was skeptical when I first tried Fast Lean Pro, but after the first few days, I felt surprisingly energized and my appetite subsided.”

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Fast Lean Pro Pricing

As of today, Fast Lean Pro has three packages on the main website-

  • One jar of the supplement will cost $69
  • Three jars of the weight loss powder will cost $177. Here, each jar is priced at $59.
  • Finally, six jars of the supplement will cost $294. Here, one jar will cost $49.

Furthermore, as a promotional offer, the official website is giving away 2 free bonus products with the 3 and 6-jar packages.

Bonus 1- Nature’s Hearing Aids – Minerals And Plants That Are Stronger Than Any Modern Medicine

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Bonus 2- The Native American Hearing Handbook – Forgotten Rituals And Detox Recipes For A Clean Body

As the name already suggests, this free eBook will recommend natural detoxification recipes to help you gain a clean body internally.

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Refund Policy Of Fast Lean Pro

Fast Lean Pro has a 60-day refund policy. So, as a new customer, you can observe how the product is working for you for 2 months. In these 2 months, if you don’t experience significant changes, you can return the product and claim all your money back. The manufacturers will oblige without any hassles or questions.

The Pros And Cons Of Fast Lean Pro

Now we weigh out the pros and cons of Fast Lean Pro.


Good Fast Lean Pro Reviews

A supplement is as good as its customer reviews claim it to be. You cannot trust the manufacturers completely. Fortunately, the Fast Lean Pro reviews are mostly positive and multiple people have benefitted from the supplement. This is a major advantage.

No Stimulants

Stimulants can cause multiple health hazards and this is exactly why the makers of Fast Lean Pro have stayed away from them. All of the ingredients used in the supplement are completely natural and ethically sourced.


Available Online Only

Unfortunately, Fast Lean Pro is only available on the main website. You won’t find it in any physical store near you. So, you have to head over to the official website to place your order and wait for your shipment to be delivered.

Final Word

Fast Lean Pro seems to be genuine and effective. However, you need to keep in mind that it is not a magical solution and you need to follow a healthy diet to reap the best weight loss benefits from the supplement.

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