The market is live and filled with numerous investment opportunities capable of providing massive profits in a short time. Investors are delighted about the prospects of new and old altcoins in the market, which shouldn’t escape your notice.

This is because many crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, are signaling a transition from a bear market to a bullish one. Not only are the existing altcoins gaining bullish momentum, but newer cryptos are also on the horizon to provide at least 500% in price. This guide reviews seven cryptos, including, Spongebob, Ecoterra, DeeLance, yPredict, and Launchpad XYZ. Keep reading to learn more about them. (AI): A New Meme-Generating Platform That Utilizes AI is a new crypto platform that combines AI and memes to provide an entertaining experience for fans and enthusiasts worldwide. This platform introduces a meme generator that creates quality memes based on users’ text prompts.

The excitement regarding this project grows as its native token, $AI, is used to purchase meme generation credits. These AI tokens incentivize content creation, staking, and community participation. introduces a public wall that displays user-generated memes that users can vote on to increase visibility and reward their creators.’s presale is progressing in its presale stages and has raised over $4 million. It is beneficial for you to get in early and enjoy better gains.

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SpongeBob (SPONGE): A New ‘Absorbent’ Platform Built on A Decentralized Platform

If you have been following the crypto space lately, you may have noticed a trend of meme tokens exploding exponentially within a few days. In a bid to follow the steps of cryptos like PEPE, WOJAK, DINO, and others, SpongeBob is listed on DEX exchanges.

Based on the popular and longest-running kids’ show titled, “SpongeBob,” this crypto platform aims to absorb the damp. While its use case is still unknown, the SpongeBob token, $SPONGE, has made over 150% price gain following its launch.

Experts predict SpongeBob will soar in value as this decentralized platform continues to make waves on DEXTools and accrue tens of millions of dollars in trading volume.

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EcoTerra (ECOTERRA): An Ecofriendly Crypto Incentivizing Users

EcoTerra is another fantastic project that rewards users with its native token, $ECOTERRA for their positive contributions to saving the environment through recycling. The process is straightforward; get the EcoTerra mobile app, scan the item, find the closest Reverse Vending Machine, and upload the receipt on the app. Afterward, you earn ECOTERRA tokens as a reward.

In addition to its Recycle2Earn initiative, EcoTerra features a carbon offset marketplace, and an impact profile for users to track positive actions. EcoTerra’s presale is heating up as it has raised over $3 million within a month. Be a part of its presale and contribute to an eco-friendlier environment while benefitting from significant investment returns.

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yPredict.Ai (YPRED): A New AI Platform Providing Predictive Models In The Market

yPredict is an innovative crypto platform that provides AI-powered trading research and analysis tools for its users to revolutionize and edge the market. Its native token, YPRED, allows users to access monthly subscriptions to model-based trading strategies.

These models are developed by AI developers and experienced traders using advanced tools like NLP (Natural Language Processing) to perform technical and sentiment analysis. Holding YPRED tokens allows you to receive a 10% of all revenue generated from new platform subscriptions and enjoy staking rewards.  

Crypto experts and investors are optimistic about this project as it progressing in leaps and bounds in its presale stages.

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DeeLance (DLANCE): A Decentralized Freelancing Platform 

DeeLance is another crypto platform set to revolutionize the recruitment industry by bringing it into Web 3.0. This decentralized platform aims to streamline work for freelancers and employers based on trust and transparency through the blockchain.

In addition, DeeLance eliminates intermediaries and uses secure escrow accounts to guarantee that freelancers are paid for their work. This platform also turns freelance work into NFTs to prevent payment fraud and copyright violations.

Its native token, DLANCE, powers the ecosystem and is used in payments. It has generated a lot of buzz, especially in the freelancing world. Its presale event is growing massively, with crypto experts lining themselves with the future of recruitment. It would be best if you considered DeeLance now.

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Launchpad XYZ (LPX): A Fantastic Web 3.0 All-Inclusive Ecosystem  

Launchpad XYZ is a game-changing cryptocurrency that simplifies web 3.0 investments, offering an all-inclusive ecosystem for newbies and experienced traders. Its ecosystem encompasses utility tokens, NFTs, Play-To-Earn games, and ICOs.

Launchpad aims to empower crypto investors by providing a DEX for token swaps, fractional ownership of high-value assets, private ICOs, and beta access to play-to-earn games. Crypto investors can purchase its native token, LPX, in its ongoing presale to enjoy its offerings.

Furthermore, holding LPX tokens allows you to enjoy discounted trading fees on the Launchpad XYZ DEX. With Launchpad XYZ, you can make informed investment decisions and gain early access to the most promising Web 3.0 projects.   

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MindAI: An Excellent Crypto Exchange 

MindAI is launching an AI-powered cryptocurrency exchange, TMCX, to use its native token, $TMC, to offer trading fee discounts and complete transactions. The first presale round for $TMC has just begun, with 50% of the token’s 300 million supply distributed across eight stages. 

The token is priced at $0.15 during the presale but will rise to $0.20 upon listing. MindAI’s platform will leverage AI to offer automatic online assistance, detect frauds, and provide detailed insights by analyzing data using concepts such as deep learning. The token is expected to be listed in Q2 2023, with plans to apply for further listings in the coming months.

Final Thoughts: Get Ready For 500% Price Gains As You Invest In These Crypto Projects 

What a fantastic insight into the world of these new cryptos! Undoubtedly, their utilities are revolutionary, and their presale events are growing in their respective stages.

Before the bullish seasons arrive in full force, research these cryptos and invest in them to reap massive investment returns. Trading is risky, yet these altcoins have been appropriately vetted. They are assured of providing holders with beneficial gains in no time. Participate now before it gets late. Cheers!