Bitcoin (BTC) is always in the middle of everyone’s attention every time some change happens regarding interest rates. It is now trading above $27,000 after the U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points on Thursday. Some analysts are speculating that the price could get a 20% increase after hovering around $28k for a while now. Matrixport, a crypto services provider, has stated that if the rate hike on Thursday is the last in this cycle, then it is realistic to expect such an increase.  

On the other hand, there are those investors who would prefer to lay low until the crypto market gets to some better times. This means they prefer to invest only in the crypto projects that have clear utility and enormous potential, such as AiDoge ($AI), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), yPredict (YPRED), DeeLance (DLANCE), Launchpad XYZ (LPX) and Chiliz (CHZ). 

Explore the best 6 cryptos on the market now

Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the most important cryptos on the market, and it will end the week on a positive note, according to the info available now. However, not everyone can deal with the risk it carries and the price changes we witness daily. This is why many investors choose to invest in cryptos that carry utility and are affordable. According to all the features and the circumstances surrounding them, these are the best cryptos to invest in now:

  1. AiDoge ($AI) 
  2. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)
  3. yPredict (YPRED)
  4. DeeLance (DLANCE)
  5. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)
  6. Chiliz (CHZ)

Check out the reasons why these cryptos are in investors’ minds right now!

  1. AiDoge ($AI) – The best meme generator built on blockchain

AiDoge uses artificial intelligence to create unique memes that are in line with current trends. The platform aims to promote a vibrant community through staking, and it will reward stakers with the credits necessary for creating memes. The community members will get a chance to share memes and vote on the best ones. Ai doge is not to be confused with ArbDoge, you can find Ai doge info at

The most recent memes from the community will be displayed on the public wall, and $AItokens will be given to the best meme creators as a reward. The native currency of the platform, $Ai, is now available on presale. If you like memes and would like to profit from your creativity, AiDoge could turn this dream into a reality!

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  1. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) – The most popular green crypto

Ecoterra is a green project that incorporates a recycle2earn mechanism that is very easy to implement into the daily routine of every investor. This ecosystem covers the marketplace for carbon offset and recycling material, as well as the comprehensive app where the users can see all the important information. 

ECOTERRA tokens are necessary for utilizing all the benefits that this ecosystem offers. The token holder needs to open an account to be able to use the app. After recycling, the user should scan the receipt, and it will be recorded in the app. All your efforts will be rewarded generously, so get ECOTERRA tokens to profit from your efforts to protect the planet!

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  1. yPredict (YPRED) – The perfect insight into crypto market analysis

yPredict incorporates Al technology that can be extremely helpful to investors who want to minimize their efforts while maximizing gains. The YPRED tokens give access to pattern recognition, indicator analysis, sentiment, and transaction analysis, which are all the necessary information to save investors an enormous amount of time. 

With three subscription options, anyone can find the ideal one that will provide just the right combination of data necessary for the perfect investment strategy. In order to unlock these features, you will need YPRED tokens, so get them before their price pumps!

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  1. DeeLance (DLANCE) – The best freelancing platform built on blockchain

DeeLance is a new platform that uses the benefits of blockchain with the goal of connecting clients and freelancers. The use of blockchain technology means a higher level of protection for all the parties involved. The platform will have an escrow, so payments can only be released after the work is completed. 

The platform is also working on launching its own Metaverse, which means that the virtual environment will allow freelancers to interact with clients via virtual meeting rooms. The DLANCE tokens will unlock all these features, so if you’re interested in exploring everything that the DeeLance platform has to offer, get your DLANCE tokens now!

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  1. Launchpad XYZ (LPX) – Informative hub for investors

Launchpad XYZ offers all the information that crypto investors need that can be accessed through data dashboards. It can provide insights into hot crypto presales and upcoming NFT mints, all provided to help investors filter out the noise in the crypto market that can often be quite overwhelming. Launchpad XYZ combines multiple signals with intuitive metrics, the Launchpad Quotient being one of these metrics. 

It is a single number that tells investors if an asset is going to explode or fizzle out. Users will need to use the LPX token in order to get the most from Launchpad XYZ, which means it will be used for data, listing, and trading fees. This token is already available on presale, and the fact that more than $175,000 was raised during the first week is the telltale sign of success. If you wish to explore the benefits it offers, get them while you can!

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  1. Chiliz (CHZ) – A combination of DeFi and sport

CHZ is the token that the fans of sports tokens like. It is the token of the Socios fan token platform. So far, Socios has partnered up with a number of well-known brands, including Paris Saint Germain and FC Barcelona. 

Chiliz can be purchased to receive unique benefits related to the teams. Some of these tokens have increased in value due to the number of hardcore fans that some teams have, which is why it is very appealing to investors who like sports. 


While waiting for BTC to reach some sort of stability, investing in trending cryptos can be the perfect strategy right now. Investing in $AI can bring earnings and fun while getting ECOTERRA tokens means doing something good for the planet and earning at the same time. Upgrading the investment strategy can be easy with YPRED, while DLANCE will be the ticket to a freelancing platform built on blockchain. Exploring the crypto market and looking for the cryptos to invest in will be a breeze with LPX. These cryptos are available on presales for a limited time, so make sure you use this chance before it’s too late!