With the crypto market in full recovery mode, investors are once again seeing it as a profitable sector to invest in. That includes a lot of new traders with limited experience in navigating the perils of crypto investment. Fortunately, now they have an amazing AI tool at their disposal that can help them stay in the black by predicting crypto prices. It is called yPredict (YPRED) and it has the potential to completely change the way we trade crypto.

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What Makes yPredict Great?

The crypto market has a history of volatility and making any meaningful prediction about the market trends has been notoriously difficult. This is the main reason why crypto gets a bad reputation as many people lose money on trades due to their inability to correctly predict market movements.

The creators of yPredict have identified this problem and offered us a comprehensive solution for it. They have created a platform for trading research and analysis that utilizes a data-driven approach that will help you make profitable trading decisions. The entire ecosystem is comprised of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) experts, financial quants, and traders which will provide invaluable insight into the inner workings of the crypto market to help you stay on top of your game.

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Advantages of yPredict Over Current Solutions

Using AI to predict market trends is not a new idea and there are several apps on the market that try to utilize this approach. However, yPredict has several distinct advantages over them. The first is the model it uses. It is based on input from some of the best-performing traders and market analysts in the industry to create analytics algorithms based on real-time data. Market predictions based on this are far superior to anything else in existence.

yPredict also offers free access to its users, with no login or account required. The developers have pledged free-forever access to their platform, providing public access to market analysis and price predictions for thousands of tokens. This approach guarantees the huge popularity of the platform, providing an excellent foundation for the success of the app’s native token YPRED.

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YPRED Token Set for Massive Growth – 140% Gains at Listing Price

Based on the Polygon Matic chain, YPRED is the latest in a long line of tokens utilizing all the advantages this modern platform has to offer. One of the biggest is never-ending liquidity which offers some amazing staking options for creating a steady stream of passive income.

To fully experience everything yPredict offers you must be a YPRED holder, as this grants you full access to all of the app’s features. Most importantly, you will get free access to the set of analytic tools and a chance to participate in staking directly on the platform.

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The guaranteed popularity of the yPredict app will have a huge impact on the YPRED price down the line, a fact many investors have recognized. Buying YPRED now during the presale will set you up for some massive gains once it hits the open market, but you need to hurry and get it early. Each new presale stage brings a price increase that will cut into your profit. At a current price, the token will earn 140% for its investors and that is just by taking into account the listing price.

Another reason to get on the bandwagon as soon as possible is the nature of YPRED tokenomics. The total supply of tokens is just 100 million, but only half of that is unlocked. With a relatively small number of tokens available, chances are that the supply will sell out quickly to those who pulled the trigger on time.

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YPRED Presale Raised More Than $1 Million in Just Weeks

yPredict’s presale is shaping up to be one of the most successful presales in 2023 so far. Investors are scrambling to get their hands on YPRED as the token is fast becoming one of the most pleasant surprises on the market.

The YPRED presale started just weeks ago and the token has already raised more than $1 million. The way the presale is structured offers benefits to early buyers, as each of the eight stages introduces a price increase. Starting at $0.036 in Stage 1, YPRED will cost $0.11 in the final Stage 8. As you can see, buying early is the best way to go, as presale is already in Stage 4 with a YPRED price of $0.05. Even buying at that price will be a challenge, as the current stage will end in a few days, so you need to hurry up.

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yPredict Provides an Edge for Traders, Developers, Quants, and Analysts

With a current market setup, where some 80% of all trades are executed by various algorithms, human traders can’t compete on a level playing field. The advantages of AI systems are growing and the gap grows larger every year. That is why yPredict will become a must-have tool for all crypto traders and those aspiring to become one.

The speed with which automated trading systems execute trades is becoming frightening. Thanks to its ability to perform complicated market analysis in nanoseconds, any human competition doesn’t stand a chance. Unless helped by similar tools, human traders will inevitably lag behind. That is why traders, developers, quants, and analysts will jump on yPredict to help them stay competitive.

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The advantages yPredict offers to traders and analysts are indisputable, guaranteeing the popularity of the platform. This makes YPREd one of the best investment options in 2023, offering early investors a chance to make 140% profits based on the listing price. If we calculate the inevitable price explosion once YPRED hits the open market, the profit margin becomes even more impressive. That is why the yPredict presale is off to such a great start, raising more than $1 million in a matter of weeks.