From the very first moment of its presale, AiDoge (Ai) caused huge user interest: in just a few minutes, even more than $100K was raised! The interest continued, and at this moment, AiDoge (Ai), can boast of more than $400,000 raised! 

As crypto experts say, because of the way it was created, and because of everything it has to offer users, this AI-powered meme platform will continue at the same pace, which means that very soon we can expect the first million to be raised! What makes this platform so special and why this is one of the hottest crypto presales at the moment,  you will find out here.

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The future of memes is here: AiDoge meme generator conquers the world!

It is safe to say that AiDoge, the revolutionary AI-powered meme platform is slowly and surely conquering the world! The most popular crypto news portals and websites evaluate the hot new crypto, Ai token, extremely positively, and the leading crypto experts and crypto influencers are equally positive towards it! 

Ai token achieves outstanding presale results, and predictions for its growth for the next period are more than positive. Namely, one of the leading crypto influencers, Jacob Crypto Bury, believes that Ai is one of those tokens that shows the chance for 100X returns. But even that is not the main reason why there are so many AiDoge early investors. 

The main reason for the early investors’ interest in AiDoge (Ai) is precisely what this crypto project enables. In short, AiDoge is the most comprehensive AI meme platform, which makes making memes accessible to all! This amazing meme generation platform, using artificial intelligence, that is, AI-powered meme generator, creates relevant, high-quality, timely, and unique memes in a glimpse of an eye, and the only thing that is required of you as a user is to provide text prompts. Until now, making memes was only reserved for a small number of artists, but now, with AiDoge, everyone can be an artist!

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It could be said that AiDoge is the future of memes, and to take advantage of all that this revolutionary platform has to offer, you need to own a native, Ai token. Ai is the primary currency on AiDoge, and you can use it for purchasing credits, staking, voting etc. 

First of all, to generate memes, you need to buy credits, of course, using the Ai token. After you have purchased credits, you can spend them directly on generating memes, and your task is only to provide text prompts, and that’s it: AiDoge delivers relevant, interesting, and engaging memes!

You can also use the Ai token for staking: you can take advantage of the possibility of staking, and in that way receive daily credit rewards and many other benefits.

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You can also use the Ai token for one of the most interesting things on the AiDoge platform: voting. AiDoge gives you, as well as all other creators, the opportunity to vote (to upvote or downvote), thus choosing the top memes each month. All memes are available on the Public Wall, and you can see them there, but you can also share your memes, and allow other users to rank them.

Why is voting important? Because every month the top memes will be rewarded with Ai tokens, which will certainly encourage content creation, and give rise to many more content creators! 

From all of the above, it is crystal clear why AiDoge has achieved so much popularity, and why this platform will continue to conquer the world: this is just the beginning!

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AI, memes and crypto: a winning combination!

The huge interest of users in early investing in Ai tokens and joining the AiDoge platform indicates that the mix of artificial intelligence, memes, and cryptocurrencies is a winning combination!

Truth be told, so far in the crypto world we could see a couple of similar coins from the same niche that also experienced success, but so far none of them exploded at the start in the way that AiDoge did! Ai token will, by all accounts, succeed in surpassing all similar coins because the AiDoge platform offers a real product and provides real utility! So seize the moment, and join the AiDoge presale ASAP!

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AiDoge presale is on fire: join in time!

The AiDoge presale went live just a few days ago, and the results so far are truly amazing! As already mentioned, AiDoge managed to raise an incredible $100,000 in the first minutes of the presale, but that was just the beginning. Now, after just a few days from the start of the presale, AiDoge has raised more than $400,000, which suggests that very soon, this platform could boast its first million raised!

If you also want to become one of AiDoge’s early investors, know that now is the ideal moment for that, given that the current price of Ai token is $0.000026. But this good deal won’t last very long, so you’d be wise to hurry and grab Ai ASAP. As soon as the platform raises $650,000, the next presale stage will begin, and the price of the Ai token will increase! So, don’t miss this opportunity and join one of the hottest crypto presales of the year!

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The hot new cryptocurrency that combines memes with AI, creates memes in a blink of an eye, and gives you the chance to become a meme creator and earn from it, is expected to hit $1 million! Join the AiDoge platform and take advantage of all that it has to offer, and invest in Ai token while the price is this good! As things stand, not only will you have fun and win amazing prizes, but, most likely, purchasing this coin now, will bring you a nice return on your investment in the future!